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Writer Martha Ann Overland reports from New Delhi that though India is driven by a rigid caste system, she, as an American living there, is fighting to prevent caste divisions in her New Delhi household. (3:30) Listen with Real Audio
(28 Aug)
 - India's apartheid (24 Aug)
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 - 'Caste situation in country unchanged' (18 Aug)
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 - Let us cast out caste (12 Jun)
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 - Discrimination that must be cast away (9 Jun)
 - India to oppose clubbing of racism with caste (8 Jun)
 - 'Caste, race same in India' (6 Jun)
 - Govt ban on discussion on caste flayed (5 Jun)
 - Dalit groups resent Govt. stand on caste
 - Racial superiority spreads to the Internet: UN
 - 250 Million Silenced in UN Discrimination Conference
 - Is Caste Racism or What?
 - Casteism as racism: anthropologically sound?
 - Both views on caste system must be presented: UNHCHR
 - Durban conference must discuss Caste issue
 - Caste is a word India just doesn't want to hear
 - Katti to attend global meet on racism
 - 'Caste discrimination is racism and more'
 - Caste is a variety of race
 - Is caste-based discrimination racism?
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 - Final Declaration Of the Global Conference Against Racism and Caste-based Discrimination
 - Moves to dilute focus of conference on racism opposed
 - Treat caste on a par with racism: panel
 - NGOs try to put Dalits on UN list
 - Indian Government Tries To Block Caste Discussion
 - India committed to end caste-based discrimination
 - Govt. flayed for denying visas
 - Is the World Watching ?
 - Moves to dilute focus of conference on racism opposed
 - Indian 'apartheid' condemned
 - UN Prepcom for WCAR, Geneva May 1-5,2000 and Dalit "Traitors"
 - Race and caste
 - India committed to end caste-based discrimination
 - Dalit issue in the Sub-Commission
 - Minister pressed hard on India’s caste system.
 - Caste Struggle

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