Racial superiority spreads to the Internet: UN

Geneva, May 31: Warning that the idea of racial superiority has spread to the Internet United Nations says that globalisation with its potential benefits carries risks that can lead to increased inequality, very often along racial and ethnic lines.

A paper distributed to delegates from 180 countries attending a preparatory committee meeting here ahead of the world conference against racism to be held in Durban in August, cautions that even as technology brings people of the world together racial discrimination, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance continue to ravage societies.

A new term, 'ethnic cleansing', has been coined to describe an old horror, it says.

Over the last ten days delegates from India and other participating nations, have been trying to reconcile differences over what the Durban Conference should focus on.

Since the differences remain unresolved, the current meeting is likely to be extended by a week.

India had opposed bracketing together of racial discrimination and the caste system. If the international community wanted to deliberate on caste system it should widen the ambit of the Durban meeting.

The preparatory committee is struggling to draft a declaration and programme of action for the Durban meeting amid indications that it may require one more such meeting to iron out the differences. (PTI)

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Source: http://www.expressindia.com/news/may31/world2.html
Referred by: Balram Sampla
Published on: June 1, 2001
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