(A tragedy in Ancient India)
Dr. K. Jamanadas

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A tragedy in Ancient India By Dr. K. Jamanadas Published by BLUEMOON BOOKS S 201, Essel Mansion, 2286 87, Arya Samaj Road, Karol Baug, New Delhi 110 005

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00. Author's Preface

01. Introduction: Various aspects of decline of Buddhism and its ultimate fall, are discussed in details, specially the Effects rather than Causes, from the "massical" view rather than "classical" view.

02. Techniques: of brahminic control of masses to impose Brahminism over the Buddhist masses.

03. Foreign Invasions: How decline of Buddhism caused the various foreign Invasions is explained right from Alexander to Md. Ghori.

04. Caste System: The ill effects of Caste system discussed and how caste system flourished due to fall of Buddhism explained.

05. Untouchability, Criminal Tribes, Aadivasis: These are all bye products of fall of Buddhism. The problem of Untouchables already discussed by Dr. Ambedkar. Attempt is made to highlight the causation of Scheduled Tribes after the fall of Buddhism.

06. Education and illiteracy: Fall of Buddhism directly affected the multitudes of population, who were denied education. How Gurukul system was detrimental to the interests of masses is explained and how a most educated country, where foreign scholars were coming to take higher education in Indian Universities, became the most illiterate country of the world is explained.

07. Sati: How the position of women declined and ultimately reached to the stage of burning of widows is explained.

08. Rajputs Age was Dark Age of India: How Brahmins created Rajputs to get hold over the population, and how it caused the down gradation and fall of Indian masses to the present state of affairs is discussed.

09. Kulin system of Bengal: How this was created to increase the population who would be willing to accept the supremacy of Brahmins and all the ill effects of this System is explained.

10. Sambandham System of Kerala: How Brahmins managed to gain control over the Buddhist Nayars by this method of "Cultural fertilization" and how it destroyed the cultural fabric of old Kerala society is discussed.

11. Devadasis are degraded Buddhist nuns: A system of Religious prostitution is discussed. The thory was put forward by the present author, for the first time, in his earlier book "Tirupati Balaji was a Buddhist Shrine". The subject is discussed more fully here.

12. Fall of Science: How Science was on zenith in Buddhist India and how Brahmins purposefully caused its fall to uphold their own supremacy after the fall of Buddhism.

13. Kashmir Problem: How a Buddhist country of Kashmir became Mohammedan country, thereby leading to all the problems is discussed.

14. Language Problem: How a country, which speaking one language and one or two scripts during the Buddhist period was divided into a country of multiple languages and scripts is discussed.

15. Conclusion: All the above topics summarized and their inter- relations are explained with a comment for future action for progress of Buddhism in India.

16. Bibliography. Index Appendix

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