Activities till Date

The volunteers and Commanders of BSS have become headache not only for the 'Sangh Pariwar' but also for thousands of the sleeping pocket and brief case dalit organizations for its non-stop nonsense and nuisance (through our non-stop actions) as such we have become an apple of discord in the eye of one and all who are not sincere to their society. We hardly bother for them, we have our own target (Mission) for achieve. Few of our past programs are as under:

10th Sept. 95 Launching of BSS from Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, Delhi.

29th Oct., 95 Periar Janmotsav at Ghaziabad.

6th Dec., 95 We have paraded thousands of our volunteers (Swayamsewaks) in uniform before the Indian Parliament to make our our intention clear who sear in the name of Baba Sahib to fulfil his "Mission".

17th March, 96 Celebrated "Bahujan Diwas"

10th Sept.,96 Celebrated Swabhiman Diwas to prove our solidarity.

16th March,1997 Swabhiman Savdhan Sammelan, a big Rally of BSS volunteers (Swayamsewaks) in Delhi.

20th March to 14th. April, 1997 A "PADYATRA" (long march) from Parliament New Delhi to Mhow, Indore (The Birthplace of our Messiah of Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar) covering almost 1000 Kms, with hundreds of our uniform volunteers with the message to our people to denounce Hindu-rites and rituals and to embrace Amedkarism. It was also a test for those who are shouldering responsibilities with me whether they could be able to sustain in the movement of do and die!

22nd July, 1997 "DHIKKAR SAMMELAN" in Delhi on Arun Shouri's attempt to malign the image of Baba Sahib(Worshipping False Gods..)

23rd July, 1997 A Massive Demonstration before Indian Parliament on the killing of 13 Ambedkarite at the hands of Bombay Police at Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar, Bombay. On desecration of Baba Sahib's statute there.

10th Sept, 1997 "Swabhiman Diwas" (Self-respect Day) to prove our prudence and strength.

27, 28 & 29th May, 1998 Three day's "CYCLE MARCH" in Delhi to expose BJP Government's intention behind enhancement of the retirement age from 58 to 60 years so as to deprive our educated youths of their employment. Please do remember, that every year, for example, 90,000 Central Government employees retire of them a few belongs to our Society. But if theses posts are to be filled up, 49,5% posts straightway go to our boys by virtue of reservation and even more posts are taken by our boys on merit and through our Muslims and Christian brethren, leaving just little than 30-35% percent out of their booty of 100%! That is why they, on the one side, enhanced the retirement age and privatization on the other. This CYCLE MARCH was performed in 46-48 degree Celsius temperature!

10th Sept. 1998 Swabhiman Diwas

27th Nov. to 6th Dec.,1998 "AYODHYA COOTCH " on bicycles to prove solidarity behind our Muslims brethren on the threat from the rabid Hindu organizations like VHP, RSS, Bjarang Dal, Shiv Sena etc. to build 'Rama Temple' at Ayodhya at the site of demolished Babari Mosque. Our slogan was "We shall never allow the vicious attempts of any one of construct- ing temple on the site of Babri Mosque." In this attempt of ours, we were arrested by U.P. Police and lodged with Historical Central Jail of Meerut. Aggrieved with the ill-treatment of the jail authorities particularly that of Mr. V.K. Mishra, Jailer, there was no option left before me to treat Mr. Mishra with shoes which has a lightening effects and all of our grievances in jail were sorted out by the authorities. This has prompted us to launch "RASHTRIYA JOOTA BRIGADE" as our frontal organization which we have announced while observing Baba Sahib's death anniversary on 6th December, 1998 in Meerut Central Jail! We were around 660 volunteers including myself, in that jail apart from several thousands arrested in different part of Uttar Pradesh, First time in the annals of the history, UP Government have to resort to strict vigilance and created emergency like situation.

18th March,1999 Demonstration before GTB Hospital in East Delhi and March to Parliament in support of the students and doctors who were manhandled and beaten up by the upper Caste doctors Students in GTB Hostel! It all happed in Delhi the capital of India!

21st May, 1999 A seminar in Delhi on "HINDU TERRORISM & THE ROLE OF THE STATE AND MEDIA". We have honored dalit journalists of eminence namely Brother V.T. Rajshekjar of 'Dalit Voice', Brother Intizar Naeem of 'Radiance' and Brother Paresh Nath and the son of Vishwanath ji of 'Sarita, Mukta fame'. This was blacked out by so called Hindu Media!

27th June, 1999 "VIKALP SAMMELAN" in Lucknow, the capital of UP.

25th Oct. 1999 A massive demonstration before India Parliament by the volunteers of "Rashtriya Joota Brigade" on anti-reservation judgements of the Supreme Court of India.

12th Dec. 1999 "Hindutwa VS Buddhism" a seminar of dalit, Muslim and Christian intellectual in Delhi to expose Hindu intention to swallow Buddhism through their convention of Hindu leaders, Shamkarcharyas at Lumbini(Nepal).

26th January to 14th April, 2000 "MISSION CARVAN" an 80 days voyage on wheels in eight North Indian States covering almost 26000Kms. to create an awareness amongst our people staying away in countryside about the ill-intention of BJP government of replacing Indian Constitution in the guise of reviewing it unnecessarily. We have also educated the people on "Women's Reservation Bill" and UP governments "Religious places and Building Bill.."

18th May to 27th May, 2000 A general awareness program against the barbarian attitude of UP Police killing four innocent Jatavas (Dalits), three Muslims and a Jat (Backward Caste youth) by the police and district administration of Firojabad (UP).

28th May,2000 A massive rally against Police-terrorism at Tundla.

15 & 16th july, A Regional Cadre Camp at Agra in which about 200 2000 youths belonging to S/C & B/C category have left RSS to join BSS

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