Launching Of AHWAL-e-MISSION

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From the desk of the Editor,

The mockery of the greatest democracy of the world has been made in India by installing a Brahmin as the Prime Minister who otherwise on their own voting strength could not be a Village Pradhan (Village Panchayat Head) or a member of any Ward in the cities! Apart from so many other factors, the so called 'National Media' rather 'Hindu Media' has always played a very crucial role in suppressing our movements.

You may be well aware that our 'Movements' as in the past have suffered a lot because of non co-operation from media. The 'media' is just like a 'Catalyst' to a movement for converting it into "Mass movement". The role of the so called 'National Media' is not constructive rather it has proven very destructive to our programmes and always try to tarnish the image of our leaders. This 'Baniya's paisa and Brahmin's pen' is the National Media which can never give us due coverage. It has always been pursuing its policy of 'Blackout and blackmail' towards our programs. It can easily blackout our greatest events and congregations and very cunningly establishes a lie as truth by repeating it a hundred times which is the policy of RSS. The brahminical forces through their 'Media' here in India are successful in their policy of "Divide and fool to rule". They have virtually made 'Doordarshan' a 'Hindu-darshan'! There has come a spate of private channels in electronic media which are purposely engaged in propagating and defending the "Hindu religion" so as to make fool to our innocent masses. There has been no sincere efforts being undertaken from our side to counter this mischief-mongering and save our millions from breaking their heads by applying it to stones!

For quite some time, to make realize a slave of his slavery, the need of our own media was felt to give due impetus to our policies, programs and movements. Almost all of our small news papers could not succeed due to lack of regular readership and their heavily dependence on "Pseudo Ambedkarites" which led them nowhere. Lack of clear conceptions and views were the other factors which fail to generate the requisite fire in the minds of our people to make them agitated. And the ultimate factor of our failure was nothing but 'lack of resources'.

We feel, in the absence of our own media, we could not reach to our common men as otherwise we could be. Through our traditional mode of publicity such as handbills, leaflets, posters, wall-writings, corner meetings, mass rallies was there, but a regular touch with our people is essential which we could continue with a regular paper (Tabloid) of ours. And there was a greatest void to this extent. Financial constraints are also always there.

Recently, the BJP government has raised the Excise duty exemption limit to 10 million from 3 millions in 1998 for Indian Industries and taking back subsidy from the items of daily need thus killing the poor, middle class and lower middle class by hiking the prices abnormally. None of our leaders in or outside Parliament has raised his eyebrows or any of our media person could take it up so as to make our people aware about the dual policy of BJP government i.e. the policy of elimination of our people on one side and pampering their own on the other! Are we really ignorant of taking cognizance of the issues of our impending ruin?

On having completed five successful years of our movement (BSS), you would be pleased to know that a monthly tabloid, "AHWAL-e-MISSION" in Hindi is being launched in this months itself. Within three-four days, its inaugural issue (now under print) will be out. It will not only carry the activity reports of BSS but also highlight other issues of importance pertaining to our men, mission and movement.

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Published on: February 19, 2001