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Rashtriya Joota Brigade

The need of the hour.

We would like to remind you that in the month of September/October, 1998, VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders were all crying and challenging anybody to withstand them for the construction of 'RAMA TEMPLE' at the sight of Babari Mosque at Ayodhya (U.P.). We thought a lot of Muslims will come forward to accept the challenge from the Hindu fundamentalists and not even their so called "Ali Sena" and the like have not shown any courage to come out or take them on verbally! Since, BSS have taken birth for the safety and security of the whole of the Bahujan Samaj, we thought it was our moral duty to accept that challenge.

In order to take on the Brahminical challenge, we have planned a march to reach Ayodhya on 6th December, 1998 to observe the death anniversary of Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. All our units in Uttar Pradesh have been directed to proceed on to Ayodhya from their place so as to reach there on the stipulated day. Accordingly, the first contingent of about 80 BSS volunteers began their march from Muzaffar Nagar on 26th November, 1998 and was arrested. The very next day i.e. 27th Nov.,1998, a strong contingent of about 300 uniformed volunteers of BSS on bicycles under the leadership of our National Commander Bhai Tej Singh, have set forth for their "Ayodhya Kooch" from Jama Masjid, Delhi with the slogan, "No vicious attempt to construct temple at the sight of Babari Masjid shall be allowed to becsucceeded". The contingent was flagged off jointly by Bhai V.T. Rajshekhar, Editor Dalit Voice and Venerable Bhante Dr. Gyan Ratan ji. As soon as, the troops crossed the U.P. Border, we were arrested by Ghaziabad police and lodged in 'Dasna Jail' at Ghaziabad. About 52000 volunteers of BSS have been arrested at the different places in Uttar Pradesh. It was due to this "Ayodhya Kooch" of BSS that the state government was compelled to put the whole state on 'Red alert' from 27th November, 1998 onwards.

In Dasna Jail, we were offered substandard food which was refused to be accepted by one and all and began hunger strike there. Worried with the slogan shouting in the jail and the congregation of BSS volunteers out side the jail have caused a lot of concerned to the Jail authorities and the District administration as well. They have shifted us to the historical Central Jail, Meerut where we were served good food, may be from the directions from Ghaziabad administration. As usual, on very next morning, there was an introduction camp was organized in which the Jailer Mr. V.K. Mishra was also present. The moment, Mr. Mishra (Jailer) came to know that all the arrested volunteers of BSS are dalit, backwards and Muslims, he left the scene. Later in the day, he had played a mischief and spoiled our food system and began to harass us. We have tried out best to make Mr.Mishra and his colleagues in Jail understand that almost all the volunteers of BSS are concerned either with raw leather or finished/semi-finished leather (shoes) who are accustomed to shoe-beatings. We have also warned them not to compel us to take shoes in our hands. This warning from us has no effect on them and they continued with their evil designs to spoil our food etc. All our volunteers in the jail were hungry and there was no option left before us but to treat Mr. V.K. Mishra, the jailer vigorously with shoes. By beating Mr. Mishra (Jailer) in Jail, we have taken every risk and the risk of our lives too. This shoe treatment has very lightening effect on jail authorities. Everything was set right in the jail that too within one hour! Thereafter, there was no problem of any sort till our release on 6th December, 1998.

This episode in the jail has opened our eyes and we found "Shoes" as very effective weapon to deal with our opponents who, hitherto, thought themselves very respectable. Otherwise also, the world bow down before those who has the gut (shoe-power).

Having encouraged with the result of shoe-treatment, we have launched "RASHTRIYA JOOTA BRIGADE" i.e. National Shoe Brigade from the historical Meerut Central Jail while observing there, PARINIRVANA DIWAS, the death anniversary of our Messiah, Baba Sahib Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar in on 6th December, 1998.

Shoe as weapon:-
1- It does not require any license from police or District administration.
2- No extra money is required for the purchase of shoes.
3- It is a twenty-four hours companion.
4- If applied (shoe-treatment), no cognizable offence is booked against the offender.
5- If applied, it has deeper and long-lasting impression on the victim.
6- The offenders of shoe-treatment cannot be branded as terrorists.
7- This weapon is more effective than the bullet as it has no adverse effects on the offenders.

What we require? Courage. Just courage:-
1- Courage to diagnose the problem honestly.
2- Courage to differentiate between our friends, foes and Vibhishanas.
3- Courage to apply and use this weapon effectively and openly.
4- Courage to apply it on anyone guilty of our Messiah, mission and movement and should not hesitate whether it may be our own kith and kin.
5- Courage to discard the habit of excusing the guilty whose misdeeds are, otherwise, not excusable as they have taken back the Caravan of our Messiahs.
6- Courage, not to allow the illegitimate enjoyment of all the fruits and juices available to us out of the struggle of our Messiah.
7- Courage to deal with such bastards firmly.
For the purpose, we do not need thousands army of eunuchs but a few lionhearted missionaries to launch a "JEHAD" against the Brahminical forces (not a force but a Hindu Micro-minority who have been at the helms of affairs due the Vibhishanas coming from our own lot!) to win back our lost prestige and power.

During the course of last five years, we (BSS) are able to muster support of the millions of our youthful brothers and sister across the country who are committed, dedicated, determined and ready for any sort of sacrifice. These youths are sufficient enough to form an action oriented army for the purpose. Our only concern is the lack of resources without which no continuity in the action is possible and it is an almost uphill task to reach on to the frontiers to take to task to our bitterest enemy. But mind it without dealing with the vibhishanas firmly, nothing is likely to happen.

Chief National Brigadier

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Published on: February 19, 2001