Immediately after coming back from of our voyage of 80 days i.e. our "Mission Caravan", we have to launch another campaign against police brutality in the village Basai and Nagala Masjid near Tundla (Firojabad) in which four dalits (Jatavas), three Muslims including a woman and a Neo Backward (JAT) was killed by Firojabad Police and administration on 2nd May, 2000. As usual a good chunk of professional politicians including Bhai Mulayam Singh Yadav and Ms. Mayavati have gone there and shed crocodile's tears. It will be out of place to mention that two Members of Parliament belonging to Samajvadi Party of Br. Mulayam Singh ji Yadave have made a lot of furor in Parliament. We have also sent a teams of BSS under the leadership of our National Commander Bhai Tej Singh which while making an on the spot inquiry, held the Tundla Police and District Administration guilty of killing the innocents and the then District Magistrate of Firojabad Dr. V.K.Gupta (Main culprit) who has played the role of General Dyre while ordering firing on an estimated 5000 strong crowd peacefully demonstrating against the heinous killing and to get back the dead bodies of their beloved. In brief, the whole story is as under:-

"On the fateful night of 1st May,2000, four Jatava labourers (Dalit) coming back to their homes after toiling whole days doing the work of coolie (Palledar) were intercepted by policemen on night patrolling. On being asked about their caste, the policemen have taken them to Police Station and tortured them. During this process torture, one of the coolie has died of electric shock. Thereafter, the other three were killed the same way as they could be prospectus eye-witnesses. In order to dispose off above dead bodies, the police officials of Tundla Police Station have sponsored a dacoity in nearby Nagala Masjid, a locality of the rickshaw-pullers, daily-wagers, laborers etc. in which three Muslims were killed and sever other injured. Thereafter, the policemen have taken out the dead bodies of the four Jatavas to throw them in the nearby field of their village Basai just to convert this killing into an encounter in connection with their sponsored dacoity of Nagla Masjid. While the policemen were engaged in this act and omission, it was dawn by this time, and seen by a Jat youth from his nearby Tube well. The policemen have also beaten the jat-youth mercilessly and left him almost dead. Actually, the Jat-youth was not dead but unconscious in badly injured condition who revealed the whole story."

"With the advancement of the day, thousands of men and women were assembled at the site and blocked the traffic on the High Way No:2 to show their resentment and didn't let it throw for almost five Hours. They were demanding justice and seeking that the culprits (the guilty policemen) be booked under appropriate Act of India Penal Code, but the then District Magistrate Mr. V.K. Gupta, instead of pacifying the demonstrators has ordered firing in which another Jat-youth was killed who was just serving water to the demonstrators. This firing has left several others injured" The BSS team having been held guilty the police and the District Administration, particularly Mr. V.K. Gupta, the then DM Firojabad, has sent an memorandum to the U.P. Government as well as to the Central Government also and given a week's time to our demands of :-

1) a compensation of Rupees ten Lac each to the next kin of all the victims.

2) an inquiry by CBI so as to bring the real culprits to book. (while CBI is also in hands of BJP, it could not be trustworthy.).

3) a compensation of Ruppees two lac each wounded at Nagla Masjid and also in demonstration.

4) all the guilty police personnel's should immediately be suspended and be booked under the appropriate Acts of the Indian Penal Code.

5) suspension of Mr. V.K. Gupta, the then DM of Firojabad and booking him under the relevant Sections of IPC for the murders, abatements to murder, instigating for murder, conspiracy to murder and finally removing the proof of murder.

6) summary trial of all the culprits.

7) unconditional release of all the innocents peacefully demonstrating for their rights.

Since none of the governments has bothered at all to our legitimate demands on behalf of the victims, we were compelled to launch a ten day's Awareness Campaign (POLICE BARBARTA KE KHILAF JAN-JAGRAN ABHIYAN) against the brutality of Police and the administration in all the seven districts of Agra Division i.e. Firojabad, Mainpuri, Etah, Aligarh, Hathras, Mathura and Agra. During the course of this campaign, we have with us a 'Wall-writing Squad, Poster Pasting Squad, Leaflet Distribution Wing and a chunk of good and well versed orators to address corner meetings. Our main slogan for the purpose was, "GENERAL DYRE POLICE BANI TO, UDHAM SINGH BAN JAO TUM" & "JULM JYADATI AUR DADAGIRI KE KHILAF SANGHARH KA NAAM HI BSS HAI" ("Since, the police has played the role of General Dyre, we will have to become Udham Singh" & "BSS is the name of the struggle against intimidation, oppression and nihilism".) This mission of ours was a tremendous success as it was able to draw the attention of one and all in exposing the ill intention of BJP government of U.P. and the government of Mr. Vajpayee at Center. Since the escape of the Backward castes out of the fold of the Brahminical people in India, the reign of terror has been let loose with the help of the police. We have also organized a Massive, "POLICE - ATANK VIRODHI RALLY" at Tundla on 28th May, 2000 which was also a tremendous success and an historic one under the apprehensions of another firing at the hands of police and the district administration. On the eve of this "POLICE - ATANK VIRODHI RALLY" a rumor to this effect was aired by the police and RSS/BJP workers. To our utter surprise, the BSP leadership/workers has not been lagged behind in this rumor-mongering!


Dear brothers, you know RSS, the rabid Hindu Organization has already completed 75 years of theirs since its inception in 1925 by Mr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar but through our sincere and positive efforts/action, we are able to put our organization to the top of all the so called social welfare organizations and also competing with the political parties within a span of just 58 months! With the commitment, dedication and hard work of our cadre, we could be able to win hearts of the oppressed and exploited society with the result everybody from amongst us is quite convinced that ours is the only Organisation which can now take the mischief's of the "Sangh Pariwar" to task but we are very much lacking in resources? Through so many odds and limitations on our part, we have already spread our wings in eight north Indian States and slowly but steadily, we are making strides in other part of the country. There is a big demand of BSS from other States too including Kerala the extreme south of India.

We are also in big demands in Bihar wherein the killing of the dalits/Backwards/Muslims/Christians have become a fashion, but we do not want to go there empty handed. Until or unless, we could be able to equip ourselves, it is futile to move in Bihar. Bihar is a typical state in India where feudalism is being challenged. Here, two different forces of these feudal lords are always there to settle their mutual scores at the costs of the innocent dalits/Backwards and even Muslims and Christians!


The recent spate of the killing of the Christian Missionaries is nothing but a handy work and the evil designs of RSS/BJP/VHP/Bajrang Dal to terrorize them because they are also very fearful of the impending drift of the helpless dalits towards Christianity. With these killings of the Christian priests, these rabid Hindu Organizations wants to show that the Christians are very weak and meek to defend themselves so they cannot defend the dalits, if they move towards Christianity. Seeking your kind and valuable suggestions and cooperation in this crusade of BSS.

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