During past half century,
Who are the culprits?

Dear brothers,

In view of political reservation granted to us was just for 10 years, Baba Sahib Ambedkar has aspired that we should achieve political power within the span of this stipulated time because he was of the opinion, "Political power is only 'Master-key' by which each and every lock is opened." He further cautioned, "Political democracy could not last unless there lay at the base of it social democracy which recognized liberty, equality and fraternity as the principles of life." Political power if achieved without strengthening its social base, may evaporate without doing or achieving anything concrete. That is why, Baba Sahib Ambedkar has advised the educated dalits/untouchable for the political empowerment of our people. "My final words of advice to you is to educate, agitate and organize; have faith in yourself. With justice on our side, I do not see how we can loose our battle. The battle to me is a matter of joy. The battle is in fullest sense spiritual. There is nothing material or social in it. For ours is a battle, not for wealth or power. It is a battle for freedom. It is a battle for the reclamation of human personality."

The brahminical people though micro-minority, are successful due to their strong live social organisations. RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini, ABVP, PSSP, Vidya Bharti, Samskar Bharti, Bhartiya Itihas Sanklan Parishad, Sewa Bharti, BMS and so on, are busy in their entrusted assignments and liable to their centralized leadership. All the organizations of theirs have very strong co-ordination amongst them.

But, where do we stand? What is ours output? Even after 53 years of our so called independence, are we in a position to withstand or counter these Brahminical Organizations? Whether, are we conscious of their evil effects? There are thousands of our registered organizations without any output! The obvious reasons behind this failure of ours is nothing but our indifferent attitude towards the problem. We have ignored the simple formula of "Knowledge, thought and action".

We have also ignored the findings of Lord Buddha that 'There was sufferings in this world, causes of sufferings are there and how to remove the causes of sufferings, are also there.' But how many amongst us are prepared to look at the sufferings of our people, how many try to know the causes of our sufferings and how many are interested in removing it? Our people do not believe in acquiring knowledge. Without proper knowledge, no thought of any worth could come out. Their vision too remains very short-sighted. They cannot visualize the ensuing danger. They cannot find out the ways and means even for their own sorrows.

There are a few amongst us who think about the problem. Further, there are far and few between who are worried about the ensuing danger? But, nobody is there who dare to come out and take up the command for the emancipation! Aren't we still waiting for another Baba Sahib Ambedkar to do the rest? Isn' t it a pity on us that we could not produce another Baba Sahib out of ours gigantic 750 millions (dalits-the S/C, S/T and BC) after 6th Dec., 1956? Do we believe in 'Action'? Had we ever launched a direct action? It is true that the emancipation of our people involves social disturbances and a violent struggle which cannot be avoided. We are accustomed of adopting the line of the least resistance which has proven ineffective in the matter of removing our sorry state of affairs.

Baba Sahib was of the same opinion, " You must create a crises by direct action against the customary code of conduct of the Caste Hindus. The crises will compel the caste Hindus to think and once they begin to think they will be more ready to change they are otherwise likely to be. The great defect in the policy of least resistance and silent infiltration of rational ideas lies in this that they do not produce crises. The direct action in respect of the Chowdar Tank at Mahad, the Kalaram Temple at Nasik and Guruvayur Temple in Malabar have done it in a few days what million days of preaching by the reformers would never have done."

Please take it as granted that no social inequality and economic disparity could be removed without a "REVOLUTION". It is true that intellectual encouragement should be there but for whom? For the purpose of our utter failure, our people are divided into four categories viz.:

1- The Gullible Masses of Baba Sahib Ambedkar:

Here in India, our people by and large are simple, illiterate and ignorant. But, right from the beginning, they have even supported the so called men of Baba Sahib Ambedkar (B.P. Maurya, Ram Vilas Paswan, Kanshi Ram, Mayawati etc.) with their empty stomachs and bare feet but nobody was interested in paying back to them! They have become self-centered and self-seekers! Everybody of them have used this gullible masses as a ladder. On reaching the top (on acquiring 'paisa, position and power'), they have kicked the ladder (our gullible masses). Instead of being the Messiah of our society, they have virtually become the slaves of the brahminical tormentors!

2- The Pseudo Ambedkarites:

They are limited to the knowledge of a b c d only and not interested in going beyond that. For them knowledge means academic qualifications which are sufficient to get job (service) for themselves or for their kids. They do not bother to understand as to why our forefathers have to succumb abominable thralldom and inhuman injustice at the hands of the alien 'Aryans'. As to why, their livelihood was limited to Carcass! They have nothing to do with the struggle of Mahatma Phule, Shahu Maharaj, E.V. Ramaswamy Naikar or even Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. This category of our people are settled one in their lives. They are educated and employed. They have enough time and money to educate the gullible masses so as to make them agitated and get them organized for the final onslaught. This category of 'Ambedkarites' used to come out only once in a year on 14th April to worship Baba Sahib Ambedkar! By acquiring paisa, position and prestige by virtue of reservation, they could have provided money, mind and direction to the 'movement' but they are limited to TV and Bibies (wives) only. Almost all the officers and the employees, coming from our society, in government, semi-government, private/public sector and entrepreneurs fall in this category.

3- Bastard Ambedkarites:

This category of Ambedkarits is very dangerous to the very existence of our society. These are the people who have spoiled the efforts and struggle of Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. They are the spoilers, not builders of the society. They are the by-products and the evil effects of "Poona Pact", enforced upon Baba Sahib Ambedkar by Mr. M.K. Gandhi. They have nothing to do with the miseries of the society, they come from. On occasions, they do name Baba Sahib but pampering the opponents of Baba Sahib and his people. It is true that they born to our mothers but satiating our sworn enemies. Should we call them our brothers or sisters? Never. That is what we have to differentiate? We fail to differentiate, rather. It is not the Brahmins or Brahminism can do anything wrong to us, it is the bastard Ambedkarites amongst us who play all the non-senses! They used to claim themselves as the progeny of Baba Sahib Ambedkar but licking the shoes of Atal Biharis, Ms. Sonia Gandhi's, Jyoti Basus, Mamtas and so on. These includes B.P. Mauryas, Sangh Priya Gautamas, Meera Kumars, Jatiyas, Balyogis, Shindes, Buta Singhs etc. They used to be elected from reserved constituencies and then put themselves at stake with their respective political godfathers. They can be termed as retailers of dalit votes. Aren't they sucking all the fruits and juice of the struggle of Baba Sahib Ambedkar?

There is another category of these 'Bastard Ambedkarite' who have taken up whole-sale responsibilities of indirectly putting our society at the disposal of Atal Biharis, Sonia Gandhi's, etc. They have formed their respective political outlets fetching dalit votes in the name of Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar and then put their respective political outfit at stake with the negotiated party, may it be the Brahminical one! They too show and claim themselves as the staunch Ambedkarites and ask people for their support. The day, they reach at the helm of affairs or near to it, they forget everything and indulge in dishonest bargain for self. They are nothing but the whole-sale dealers of our gullible masses. This category includes Kanshi Rams, Madame Mayawatis, Ram Vilas Paswans, Sharad Yadavas, Nitish Kumars, Athawales, etc. They are the real culprits of our society and the 'Dalit Movement' as well. The Brahminical forces (Hindi Micro-Minority) can do no harm to us but it is these Vibhishanas who always come in between! These Vibishans are making mockery of the Mission of Baba Sahib. They have spoiled the atmosphere and created an atmosphere of disbelief, because they didn't remain honest and faithful towards the gullible masses whom they heavily owe. In order to wipe out Brahminism, let us firmly and sternly concentrate on, as to how to deal with this Vibhishanism.

4- Staunch Ambedkarites:

Staunch or true Ambedkarites means hundred percent Ambedkarites. This category of Ambedkarites is very rare. Those who have completely engraved the ideals of Baba Sahib Ambedkar and willing to sacrifice of theirs including their own lives for the cause, are staunch Ambedkrites. Such type of Ambedkarites do not bother even for their kith & kin. They remain always ready to lay their lives for the cause. They can visualize the ensuing danger and get puzzled. They are the rarest one who bear and rear the ideas of 'revolution' and always worried about how to put them into action. They have the will-power to do anything for the cause. Before enlightenment, Gautama Buddha was the first person to renounce everything for the cause. Though, Being the son of a king, he had all the luxuries of life, but he preferred renunciation for the gullible masses. Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar, an intellectual par excellence, could ensure all the luxuries for himself and hid kith and kin but he too preferred the path of struggle to emancipate their gullible masses. Why Gautama Buddha and Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar could be able to do so? Because, they have the will power and are determined for the sacrifice.

At the moment, there is no dearth of true Ambedkarites who believe in revolution and are willing for any sort of sacrifice for the society, they come from. They feel that they are heavily indebted of the struggle of our emancipators. But the indifferent attitude of the 'Pseudo Ambedkarites' and an atmosphere of disbelief aired by the "Bastard Ambedkarites" as mentioned above, are the only impediments in their way to emancipation of our unprivileged brothers and sisters of India.


Before we conclude, we must give a deep thought to it as to why the Brahminical forces are still at the helms of affair in this country of ours which are the only our cause of concern. Why we have made our democracy meaningless? Why our opponents are successful in their policy of 'divide and fool to rule' in India. Let us try to find out ways and means for the success of our movement, before the things could go out of our hands! Why do we dither in pursuing our 'Mission'? Shouldn't we have an organization of our intellectuals to guide and control the entire movement as in the case of RSS and its accomplice organizations? Could you avow please?

With kind regards, Jai Bheem,

Brotherly Yours,

16th July, 2000.

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