From time immemorial, as we understand, Dalit movement have remained a short lived phenomena and the brahaminical forces have cunningly succeeded in overshadowing it. We know that ours is divided house and a victim of social system of graded degradation, devised and imposed on our society by the Brahmanical forces under their policy to divide and fool to rule. Our innocent ancestors were trapped in their vicious circle of "Bhagya and Bhagwan" and remained in shackles for generation after generations. Thus enslaved mentally, we could not get rid of it and generation after generation, our ancestors have brought up this foster -child of Brahmanism .There was no respite of this bondage nor our people have ever tried to get out of it .

It is the pertinent question ,as to how all this happened and practiced for centuries ?
" One can make fool some of the people all the time , all the people some of the time , but one cannot make fool all the people all the time", as has been said by Abraham Lincoln. To our utter surprise and astonishment , our ancestors have been set forth a peculiar example of being fooled for centuries by this little bunch of knaves. There would have been certainly a central force of the Aryans behind the sustenance of this operation and suppression. It could be the force of Shankaracharya or Manuism which did not allow us to revolt against this evil . The central force of their intellectuals and the youth have kept them busy ans devising the mechanism of despising the million of this country by way of imposing their traditions, customs and usage's etc .Thus subjected , we are being subjected to harassment ,humiliation and even victimization for nothing but the stigma of caste. It does not matter whether we are educated and well placed .

These brahminical forces have identically treated the religious minority , particularly, the Muslims, Christians etc. The reasons are obvious, that the Muslims of India did not come from Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Iran. There mostly pre-Aryan dravadians (dalits ) . who god themselves liberated through Islam. And so the Christians , the Sikhs and the Buddhist of India are not the outsiders but the indigenous people .

The 1984 carnage of the Sikhs (Operation Blue Star etc.) and the December 6, 1992 demolition of the historic Babri masjid but the part of the grand design of Brahmanism to terrorize the religious minority of the country .The rabid Hindu organization has been vigorously and periodically resorting to the violent communal riots on the Muslims ,Christians ,Buddhist and the Sikhs . Thus the ultimate aim of these rabid Hindu organization is to enforce Hindu dictatorship before which Hitler Nazi rule will pale into insignificance. The brahminical dictatorship, if establish or politically empowered, will crush the backwards (dalits ) castrate the Muslims and the other religious minorities.

After the Independence and even after the departure of Baba Sahib Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar, the dalit movement has taken its prominence in form of R.P.I etc., but it too faded away and finally subsided, the reasons are best known to one and all. The same way Dravidian -movement of the south has lost its luster. Why does this always happen to our movement and attempts ? Why are our efforts for uniting ourselves being foiled and prevented before we could lost our lost glory ? We lack a central organization of intellectuals and the youths as is the case of brahminical forces ,which can undertake policy planning and its implementation ,issue directions to its cadre and above all generate the future leadership of the country and Bahujan Samaj in particular. In the absence of such central organization ,the Bahujan Samaj failed to produce a leadership except few i.e. Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Sahu Maharaj, Narayana Guru, Periyar E.V. Ramaswami Naiker, Baba Sahib Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar .

Thought it is an uphill task to have un-saleable leaders from amongst the saleable society of ours , but not impossible at all . It can be achieved through the discipline and courage by providing physical and missionary training to it's cadre and instill in them the spirit of renunciation and sacrifice , selflessness and dedication towards the Mission. Firm determination and commitment to the cause are the keys to the success. The multiplicity of our problems can be solved through multitudinous of the missionary central organization having practical approach.

The onus has naturally fallen on the shoulders of the intellectuals and the youth belonging to the Bahujan Samaj to rescue their society from the century old shackles of slavery. For this purpose, this up coming sections of the society have to bring up unity amongst the several factions and different castes and creed to make a perfect Bahujan Samaj with cement of brotherhood.

Now, it is high time to have a disciplined organization of ours which must be committed for the Mission and help in achieving the it's lost grandeur of past and win back it's lost empire. We always find such brahminical organization ,the source, the force and the brain behind every brahminical move and movements to keep them the rulers ,though they are very few in numbers, hardly about 10% to 15% of the total population. It is really the shame on us for giving shoulders to Brahmanism!

When we try to find out as to why the Hindu Micro Minority is at the helms of the affairs even after Independence, we come to realize that they have their controlling organization in RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) which is responsible for policies and planning's and also find out ways and means to how to divide and fool to rule. They have the power to punish the guilty of their own. They are empowered to pull, kick and kill Shanker Singh Baghela, Madan Lal Khurana, Sahab Singh Verma, Kalyan Singh etc. But we don't have such controlling authority to set right Paswans, B.P. Mauryas, Kanshi Rams, Mayawatis, Jatiyas, Bangarus etc. who used to put their society at stake for their personal charm, gain and image. They hardly matter and bother for the poor and persecuted. They have sold themselves out to kill themselves. Even Bahujan Samaj Party which once upon a time was a force to recon with has become the darling of Advanis and Bajpayees. In absence of any alternative, the helplessness has become thy name of Mayawati (BSP) so far as our poor society is concerned. Though we have thousands of our organizations registered with the Registrar of the Societies in India but of no reckoning. They, just like rainy season frogs, come out once or twice to celebrate Ambedkar Jayanti and banish. At this juncture, there was a dire need of an organization of ours like RSS.

You need not be worried and disappointed any more, as for all it's practical purpose B.S.S ( Bahujan Swayam Sewak Sanghathan) is there to fill up the void. The BSS will provide a strong defence line to our society to thwart away any attempts from the brahminical forces ans stooges (Chamchas) thereof.

We appeal to the intellectuals, the youth and the students to join hands to strengthen BSS for it's struggle for " SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION ECONONIC EMANICIPATION AND LIBERATION FROM MENTAL SLAVERY". We would also appeal to our women folk to give their brothers ,sons and a husband a fee hand for the purpose, so as to enable BSS win back it's past glory of MAURYAN EMPIRE. We are sure the BSS, if so strengthen, will certainly prove it's mettle. This organization is an Cadre based organization strictly consisting of the S/Cs, S/Ts. OBC (Scheduled Backward Castes), Muslims, Christians of India and abroad and also strictly representing and standing for their cause.

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Last modified: August 1, 2000