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Call for Thesis, Dissertation and Project Works
It is my pleasure to inform you that UGC has granted the Centre for Ambedkar Studies to our university. A brief write up
about the centre is enclosed for your reference. One of the objectives of the Centre is encouraging research on Ambedkar Studies. The Advisory Committee of the Centre has resolved to earmark certain amount of money towards stipend for research work carried on by the Research Scholars and Faculty in various universities. The amount payable will not exceed Rs..10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) and the actual amount will be decided by the expert committee based upon the authenticity, quality, volume of work and the time taken for the work. The claimant should send the copy of monograph of the research work under taken along with the declaration that the work is a original contribution.
Thesis, Dissertation, Project Works and results of Field works can be submitted either in English or Telugu for this purpose.
The topic chosen should necessarily relate to the life and works of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar or the matters relating to his ideology including socio-economic justice and the topics relating to the Indian Constitution. The last date for submission of claims for the above is 5th March 2007.


Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam
(Women’s University)
Tirupati – 517 502 (A.P.) India

Bharata Ratna Dr.B.R. Ambedkar is an epoch making towering personality of the twentieth century. From a moderate beginning
in the oppressed class he strode past several hurdles with indefatigable industry and acumen par excellence to the status of a constitutional maker of a vast democratic country. His life is remarkable to emulate and his works give impetus to generations towards progress and his struggles give necessary aplomb to the teeming millions. Every Indian, nay, every citizen in the world knows his contribution. It is apt and in the fitness of the things that our University has established

the Centre for Ambedkar Studies.
Operational Features of the Centre:
1 Lectures by eminent social activists, thinkers and constitutional experts.
2 Encouraging research in Ambedkar Studies.
3 Developing the Library and Reading Centre exclusively for Ambedkar Studies in the University.
4 Conduct of conferences/seminars/symposia and workshops on Ambedkar to create awareness and to have in depth
knowledge about Ambedkarism.
5 Conducting short term courses.
6 To interact with and encourage the NGOs and Self-Help groups to organize the programmes on Ambedkar.
7 Redesigning the curriculum of the disciplines having out reach activities and filed work in order to take
up the programmes of disseminating the philosophy of Ambedkar.

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