Dr. K. Jamanadas

 - Tirupati Balaji was a Buddhist Shrine
 - Decline And Fall of Buddhism
 - Patana
An Exposition of "Shivdharma"
Hinduization Or Brahminization (09 Sep)
Kashmir Problem From Ambedkarite Perspective (11 July)
Ms. Gail Omvedt's ill Advice To Dalit Bahujans (16 Jun)
Jai Bhim and Jai Hind (2 May)
Criminal Tribes Of India (1 May)
Female Moral Exemplars In India (16 Dec)
Original Buddhism And Brahminic Interference (4 Dec)
Was Periyar A Burden For Dalits? (4 Dec)
Third Shiva-Dharma Conference At Chandrapur (4 Dec)
OBC Dalit Muslim Christian Relations - Then And Now (01 Aug)
Sawarkar's Hindutwa And Ambedkarism (01 Aug)
 - Lest We Should Forget Our Heroes
 - Some Self Introspection On Future Of Buddhism
 - Tilak Gandhi Golvalkar V/S Phule Shahu Ambedkar
 - Buddhism: Is It A Caste, A Sect Or A Religion?
 - How India Will Become Once Again Buddhist?
 - Rise And Fall Of Buddhist Nuns
 - Must we squabble about the names?
 - Why Science Declined In Ancient India
 - What is the nature of Dalit Muslim Unity
 - Use Of Sex By Brahmins To Gain Supremacy
 - Understand Bahujan Philosophy instead of proletysing
 - The Conundrums Of Reservation Issue:
 - Subcastes within the SC/ST etc
 - Sub-Castes Among Dalits
 - Sub Caste Rivalry Is A Creation Of BSO
 - Sati Was Started For Preserving Caste
 - Let Us Remember Revolutionary Jesus
 - Rajput Period Was Dark Age Of India
 - A Neglected Message From Dr. Ambedkar TO OBCs
 - Kulin System Of Bengal Was Meant For Supremacy Of Brahmins
 - Kashmir Problem Has Origin In Fall Of Buddhism
 - Tirupati Temple As A Buddhist Shrine
 - Is Gurukula Education Suitable For India
 - Holi - A Festival To Commomorate Bahujan Burning
 - Devadasis Were Degraded Buddhist Nuns
 - Depicting Buddha as Hindu
 - Dalit Identity
 - Caste System Contributed To Child Labour In India
 - Brahmins were benefited by Muslim Conquest
 - Brahmanism Controlled Masses Through Language
 - Ambedkar's Advice to Christians
 - Ambedkar and Communism
 - Adivasis Were Buddhist Naagas

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