Sawarkar's Hindutwa And Ambedkarism

Dr. K. Jamanadas

A renowned Marathi poet Sudhakar Gaydhani delivered a key note address at a function to celebrate Birth Anniversary of Sawarkar on "Hindutwa of Bahujans", the important part of which was published in "Lokmat" of 10th June 2001. This is the summary of it given here for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with his ideology. Gaydhani is not an Ambedkarite and his views on Sa- warkar's Hindutwa, rather fancifully eulogistic, are not entirely accepted by Ambedkarites to be accurate, but his speech shows the present day trend of thinking of OBCs. Dr. Ambedkar had once said that we may be called "Protestant Hindus". OBCs are now after three quarters of a century are saying the same. Let the OBCs not forget that Ambedkar's concept of "Protestant Hindus" was nothing but that of Buddhism. OBCs have come to realize same now but are still shy of declaring so, but for a few brave OBCs converted to Buddhism. Gaydhani has observed:

If the Hindutwa based on science preached by Sawarkar three quarters of a century ago, would have been accepted by the relig- ious leaders of this land, there would have been no partition of India. Sawarkar preached Hindutwa based on rationalism devoid of discrimination on Varna, Caste, sect, low and high.

Opposed Blind faith

Sawarkar criticized Gandhi's irrational views that prayers can stop earth quakes, and that earthquake at Quetta was due to sin of Untouchability. He even criticized Shankaracharyas for treating women as shudra, for recognizing four varnas, four Vedas, Smritis, and he denuded the illogical fables in these and the Puranas. The Orthodox asked Sawarkar, what would have been his fate, if it was rule of Peshwas. (Would he be sentenced to be trampled under Elephant's feet?)

Propagated Scientific Hindutwa

All his life, he opposed Manu's Hindutwa which treated humans worst than dogs and cats, and tried to purify Hindutwa into humanistic and scientific rational Hindutwa, he tried to establish rationalism in place of accepting the authority of Vedas. He denounced 'mantras' puja, satya-narayana and similar such rituals. Recently some VHP people did yajnya for appeasing the monkey, Sawarkar would have admonished them, if he was alive.

There is no "Dharma Granth" of Hindus

Sawarkar made it clear that, there is nobody named "Hindu" who established this religion. There is no scripture also. Then "garva se kaho" - whose slogan is it and to whom is it addressed? Sawarkar's Hindutwa is more comprehensive than Hindu reli- gion, encompassing everything - culture, history and philosophy developed in the regions of Saptasindhu. It relates to Shivaji and includes Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs. Therefore, he calls their conversion as change of sect.

Now the question arises, has the rule of Manu ended com- pletely? On the contrary, some of its roots are flourishing with renewed vigour. What do the 'Munupujak' views of Pandurang Shas- tri Athawale denote? Or the Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamkoti Peeth even today supports the practice of Sati - burning of widow on her dead husband's pyre. Why did the Sadhus sabotage the ceremony to honour 60 year old sanyasini as 'guru ma saraswati'? Why, because the women are considered impure since birth? Why? Because they were the mates in bed for Aryans? Because the Aryans came to India in 1500 B.C., as proved by Lokmanya Tilak himself.

Indus Civilization was pre-Aryan

Indus civilization was not creation of Aryans, it existed before as proved by finds in Pahadganj in Malawa area of M.P. Aryans destroyed this matriarchal culture and thrust their pa- triarchal one, making woman a shudra and denying her authority to read Vedas because she is from the Dasyu race? Tulsidas declares that shudras and women are to be beaten like a drum or a beast.

Aryans turned vanquished indigenous Indians into slaves and treated them worse than beasts, created caste system with four varnas, but there are really only two - Aryans and non-Aryans. Aryans created Brahmins, Ksatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras for their own religious political, and commercial exploitation, which is continuing even today. (That way, there is no Varna which is pure)

In 1977, in Patana district of Bihar State, nearly hundred people were cruelly massacred after inhuman torture by the so called 'high bright' Aryans only because the former refused to give their wives and daughters for satisfying their lust.

Atrocities of the Orthodox

Even during the days of Dnyaneswara, such atrocities were committed, the Dyaneswara's parents were subjected to "Jal Divya" - water ordeal - and were finished. Tukaram was sent to 'vai- kuntha' - heaven -with his body, which is taught in schools even today.

Ketkar, the author of 'Dnyan Kosh' clearly avers that "Our first duty (dharma) is to protect the "chaturvarnya" [m.dny. prastavana vol. 1, p.436]. Then, under these circumstances, how long the Bahujan Samaj should remain rotting under the slavery of Hindutwa, caught in clutches of putrid orthodox Vedics?

Origin of word Hindu

The term "Hindu" was applied by Moghuls to Indian armies fighting against them. The Persian meaning of the word is men- tioned as "kala chor" - black thief, or "kala dushman" - black enemy. It was first applied to people speaking Hindi or similar languages.

The followers of Manu, why did they adopt the word "sanata- ni"? Today, if they are "Hindus", why do they not call themselves "Sawarkari hindus"? The Bahujans, therefore, should now under- stand the hidden craftiness of the sanatanis, and should accept only such Hindutwa which is devoid of Varna, Castes, Manusmriti, Vedas, God, destiny, arrogance and which is free from all kinds of inequality and discrimination, and which is based on scientific reasoning. This is because the belligerent Hindutwa of Sanatanis' is based on the superiority of Brahminism and unless the Bahujans discard this Hindutwa, they can not really be free to accept the scientific era, because the Hindutwa of Sanatanis' is not "garva se kaho hum sab ab roti beti mei ek hai" (we are proud of being now one in dining together and in matrimonial matters). The shudra and ati-shudras being oppressed for thousands of years, how can they be proud of such Hindutwa? This arrogance can only be suitable for middle class extravagant Sanatanis. The Hindutwa of four Varnas, is like a tower of four stories having no stairs, there being no way to go from one varna to another and there is no way to bring them back to Hinduism, if they convert to other religions. This is what Dr. Ambedkar has said and it is hundred percent correct.

Did Sawarkar changed his views later

But I still do not understand why Sawarkar did not like it when Ambedkar denounced such futile Hindu religion and converted to Buddhism. Sawarkar wrote against this conversion in "Kesari" of 30.10.56 and advised that this conversion need not be appreci- ated. If in his view Buddhists are the sects of 'pitrubhumi' (land of forefathers), why he should object to this conversion? I think Sawarkar changed in post independence era. As a matter of fact Sawarkar should have complimented Ambedkar for choosing an indigenous religion. If Ambedkar had chosen Islam, then...?

When Ven. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was interviewed by Madkhol- kar, prior to conversion, why not call your religious revolution as "Bhimayan", he had said that he did not preach anything new of his own, he only was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to turn the "Wheel of Dhamma" again which was stopped for last thousand years. You Hindus, because of your suicidal tendencies, allowed Islam and Christianity to come and flourish in India, to an extent that the country was partitioned, whereas, a logical, scientific and great religion of Buddhism, originating in India, you drove away. After declaring in 1934, that he would renounce Hinduism, he prepared a speech for Jatpat Todak Mandal of Lahor in 1936, wherein he says:

"The first and foremost thing that must be recognized is that Hindu Society is a myth. The name Hindu is itself a foreign name. It was given by the Mohammedans to the natives for the purpose of distinguishing themselves. It does not occur in any Sanskrit work prior to the Mohammedan invasion. They did not feel the necessity of a common name because they had no conception of their having constituted a community. Hindu society as such does not exist. It is only a collection of castes. Each caste is conscious of its existence. Its survival is the be all and end all of its existence. Castes do not even form a federation. A caste has no feeling that it is affiliated to other castes except when there is a Hindu-Muslim riot. On all other occasions each caste endeavours to segregate itself and to distinguish itself from other castes. Each caste not only dines among itself and marries among itself but each caste prescribes its own distinctive dress. What other explanation can there be of the innumerable styles of dress worn by the men and women of India which so amuse the tourists ? Indeed the ideal Hindu must be like a rat living in his own hole refusing to have any contact with others. There is an utter lack among the Hindus of what the sociologists call "consciousness of kind ". There is no Hindu consciousness of kind. In every Hindu the consciousness that exists is the consciousness of his caste. ....." (quoted from original "Anihilation of castes")

Wherefrom have the Christians and Muslims in India come? They are all indigenous Indians only. Because of exploitation of orthodox Vedics, these exploited people converted to Islam and Christianity. Some of the higher castes who were converted by force or due to selfishness kept on observing caste distinction even after conversion. The very first thing done by Shudras and Ati-shudras after conversion to Islam, was to assault the tem- ples, the priests therein and the gods of stone. They captured the Saptasindhu, and Indrapuri Kashmir. That is why the Vedics call them "mlencha" and hate them more than other religionists. Instead of hating them, if they could have been brought back again to Hinduism with due honor respect and privilege, this country would not have been divided into Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and the Hindus who are today harassed by Taliban, would have been saved the torture. Today, the organizations like Dindar have become stronger, the Buddha sculptures have been destroyed. Why did this happen?

If the British had not arrived, this country would have remained divided into small principalities. It were the British who imbibed the concept of a "nation" and brought together the country divided into warring faction cities and converted it into a sovereign India. If there were no British, Islam would have flourished more.

There is Head Quarter of R.S.S. in Nagpur. We are told that the work of Sangha is nothing but National work. If so, then why the students educated at the expense of this Government, find solace in going abroad to Gulf and America instead of serving their motherland? The workers of Vishwa Hindu Parishad in for- eign lands, where from have they come? What kind of National cause is this? The liberal imports and brain drain - are they part of patriotism?

Protestant Hindus is the need of the day

The Bahujan Hindus will not get again a leader like Babasa- heb, and they are not in a mind set of getting converted also. It is entirely necessary to renounce the puerile ideas of god and religion, atma and moksha and varnas. The religion caught in the clutches of Vedic orthodox means the Hindutwa of Brahmins (Brahma-hindutwa). We must accept the Bahujan Hindutwa filtered out of this Brahma-hindutwa and form a sect of "Protestant Hindus". This is the need of the day and that would complete the unfinished work of Sawarkar and Ambedkar.

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Published on: August 01, 2002
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