Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha (RSS) had aimed at collecting of Rs. 50 million for the purpose of conversion of Adivasis to Vanvasis on national level during the period 28th March to 5th April. This was the one point programme to collect this fund from the higher dignitaries in the country like former President, former Vice President, former Prime Minister, former Chief Justice of Supreme Court etc. In every village contributions were collected in sealed boxes in small amounts of one rupee through small school children. I had condemned this collection in an article on 12th April, 1998.

Conversion of Adivasis to Vanvasis means their conversion to Hinduism. According to Article 25 of Constitution of India, Adivasis are not Hindus. Those who are Hindus are not Adivasis. This was recognized by the Nazivadis here. When on International level the year 1993 was being celebrated as an year of Indigenous People, they declared that there are no Indigenous people in India and refused to give this status of Mulnivasis to Adivasis. Claiming the supremacy of his own race, Hitler had killed thousands of Jews in Germany. He had his inspiration from the idea of "moksha" of Hindus, and the idea of making Vanavasis out of Adivasis is a Nazi act. It might be less painful to die once and for all, but to become Vanavasi out of Adivasi is a protracted process going on for thousands of years and is extremely painful and is going to destroy the future generations of Adivasis. While this process is going on, the Adivasi is prostrating and getting bound by fetters of slavery. Adivasis must realize that it is better to shoot oneself in head that to accept oneself to be called a Vanavasi. Such slave mentality is taking shape among the Adivasis and it is necessary to burn such ideas in "Patana", the flame.

With the aim of achieving a status of powerful nation, the blasts at "Pokharan" were conducted by Indian Government, affecting the Adivasi Bhils to radio active radiations, killing the gullible, simple Bhil Adivasis. Women had abortions, children became blind and disabled. Before dropping the nuclear device on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan, Americans had tested it in Nevada region of Red Indian Adivasis of America causing their massacre and destruction of their generations. Adopting same policy, after killing these Adivasis in the name of Tests, the BJP Govt., shirking responsibility says, "Again Buddha smiled" to divert the attention elsewhere. If Buddha would been alive, how much agony he would have suffered by this is beyond imagination.

On international level, Adivasis are removed from the definition of violation of human rights. And as a result Adivasi is facing exploitation like murders, rapes, starvation. If he defends himself, he is declared a Naxalite and killed by Adivasi police specially recruited for dealing with Naxalites, with special funds, and Adivasi police are killed by such Adivasis.

Adivasis are not within Hindu fold, the agents of religion are hounding within Adivasis to entrap them in their religion by orders of religious Supremoes. While there is not a slightest mention of Adivasis in National Anthem, they have been ordered by the Sangha to sing "Vande Mataram". A struggle has been started in Gujrath between the Bhil Adivasis who got converted to Christianity with grain, cloth and Cross with those who were converted to Vanavasi Hindus, making them workers of Bajrang Dal. Whether he is Hindu or Christian, for the existenceless Adivasis, it makes no difference. But Christian Adivasis are being attacked and depressed by Vanavasi (Hindu) Adivasis. The newspapers all the world over, decried that Christianity is endangered, but nowhere it was mentioned that Adivasi Bhils are attacked. But there is one question facing Adivasis, who do not believe in God - for which both Hindus and Christians are amazed - is that both Hindus and Christians believe in God, then what the dispute is about.

Adivasis demand that the term "Mulnivasi" be incorporated in Indian Constitution removing all existenceless terms like Vanavasi and S.T.s etc. The difference between Mulnivasi and Adivasi is same as between a live person and a dead one. The concept of Mulnivasi is revival of generations of Adivasis. It incorporates the rights of self determination and are experiences of Freedom.

It is my honest attempt to project the problems of extreme exploitation and educate the callous Adivasis to make them aware of their misery and prepare them for struggle. I happy to present such "Patana" to you in a new book form. All articles are published before in various papers, therefore for the repetition has occurred, which the readers will excuse me for. I thank all those who motivated me to compile these in book form, specially Prabhakar Kondbattunwar, Loknath Yashwant, Arun Asatkat, Chandrakant Shivankar. I also thank my wife Lata, and my friends Shankarraoji Uke, Dr. Rajesh Surpam and Dnyaneshwar Sayam, and Bali Khaire for drawings.

Latari Kawadu Madavi

Nagpur, 25th March 1999

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