Chapter 1.

Adivasis are real owners of this land

The first owner of the land on the face of this earth is the Adivasi. He has got the natural born rights of citizenship. Such a first citizen in this country is today being denied the identity of an "Indigenous". Land, water, natural resources are all natural rights obtained by an Adivasi but today he has nothing and is completely poor. An Adivasi who is the first owner of this land has become the slave in his own land. Those who do not have anything to give away, become revolutionaries. But for this to happen, he has to become aware of his own existence. Then and only then he can revolt against those who denied his respect and reduced him to slavery and thereby free himself from the slavery imposed on him. The Indian Adivasi is following the system imposed on him by the others. Without, in any way revolting and denying the slavery imposed by the name of "Vanavasi" on him, we do not see him coming on the streets. He accepted the denial of his own existence.

The Ruling Class Tyranny

The ruling class in this country is fully expert in well planned manner the Adivasi original owners of this land by keeping him in darkness about his originality. It is plan that energy requires to awaken self respect among Adivasis is not obtained by them. But the Adivasi is ignorant that he is being slaves by making him Vanavasi. Why the Adivasi is made Vanavasi? The answer to this question is if the Adivasi is called Adivasi or Mulnivasi, (Indigenous) then a background is created for the social struggle against the established system. Whenever the Adivasi becomes educated and awakened of his being indigenous and prepares himself to snatch back his glorious powers given by nature to him then the rulers will have to suffer the deprivation of political powers which is being enjoy by them for centuries, therefore, a movement has been started on the national level of making the Vanavasi out of Adivasi and that they should forget their indigenous originality by accepting this terminology is the main motto of this movement.

What is meant by Vanavasi?

Vanavasi is a link in the fetters of slavery imposed on the Adivasi of the independent democratic India and clearly mean "alien amongst us'. As a matter of fact, the concept of Vanavasi originates from the Puranic literature of the "Hindutva". The word Vanavasi has got the connotation of punishment or fine. As per stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata to send Rama and Pandvas for "Vanavas" has got political background. But in the Adivasi culture of Gana system the concept of Vanavasi is totally denied as one who has no relative or parents, one who is orphan, one who wanders from place to place, one who begs from door to door, he is the Vanavasi. In the villages some body who does anti-social activities is condemned to go to the forests and such a person is called Vanavasi. In the Nomadic Tribes of "Nandiwala", a person leaving his house and family for a month and roaming around with cloth of jute is called Vanavasi. During this period he uses no footware and sleeps in the forest. Even this concept comes out of the blind faith.

There is no concept of Vanavasi among Adivasis

The above concept of Vanavasi originating from the Puranic literature of Hindutva does not apply to the Adivasis. According to the judgment of Adivasi Gana Panchayat there is never a punishment of sending anybody to the forest. The judgment of Ganapanchyat is taken in a democratic way against his punishment by asking him for a feast to community. There is no concept of begging among the Adivasis unlike the concept of Hindu society. Neither there are any beggars among Adivasis. Even then this concept of Vanavasi is strongly imposed as punishment upon the innocent Adivasi society, as if it is Crucification of Jesus Christ in the modern times.

In olden days untouchable was called Harijan and Adivasi was called Girijan. Both these words are of the same type. Giri means hill or forest, so Girijan means the people living in forest, which means Vanavasi. The word "Harijan" is banned by law. It is necessary similarly to ban the word "Vanavasi". The laws in this country are of Hindus and Adivasi is not Hindu, neither the laws of Hindu are applicable to him, therefore the ban on the word Vanavasi will not hamper the justice.

"Vanavasi" is a burden of slavery put on the Adivasi

Adivasi speaks of his identity as the original resident of this land, and tells that his religion is different from Hindu religion. He has got "Gana", which is out side the walls of the castes. He has got special language and the genes in his blood are also different from those of the Hindus. When he avers this, the established social order gets severe blow. If Adivasis are a indigenous people, then what is our position? This question is being faced by the lieutenant of the Sangha. When Adivasi is called an "Adivasi", a duality is created between "us" and "them". If Adivasi is indigenous then we become aliens, and this duality can be stopped by making Vanavasi out of Adivasi. This idea first came in the mind of Balasaheb Deshpande, a disciple of Dr. Hedgewar and on 19th December 1952 he establish a Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram. As a matter of fact Balasaheb Deshpande is implementing the plans prepared by Thakadrbappa on the national level of R.S.S.

During the British rule the Adivasi was fighting against English imperialism as well as Hindu traditions and was demanding its own separate identity. For that purpose different movements of Adivasis were started. As a part of such movement, on 19th July 1947, a Nine Point treaty was accepted by the Administrator to give full freedom to the Naga Adivasis. But Adivasis were cheated by the established rulers by ignoring this nine point treaty. All the Adivasis are even today lamenting about this. Thakar Bapa who was Chairman of sub committee of Constitution Assembly and was representing the Adivasis put forward strongly in the meeting held on 5th September 1949 that the Adivasis should be treated as "Vanavasi' in the Constitution. Mr. Jaipalsingh, an awakened Adivasi worker, opposed this point strongly and averred that they should be termed as Adivasi only. Out of this struggle the term "Scheduled Tribes" was created, otherwise today Indian Constitution would have called Adivasi as "Vanavasi".

There is a very grave conspiracy in making Vanavasi out of Adivasi and the whole social system is directly or indirectly responsible for it.. It is said that Hitler who committed genocide of innumerable numbers of Jews got the inspiration of inhuman torture from the concept of Moksha of Hindutva. Nazis among India are completely under the influence of Hitler's fascist Ideology and the concept of Vanavasi comes from their brains. This concept is so horrible that it is more poisonous than the Atomic Bombs put on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in killing the Adivasi embryos in their mothers' wombs.

There is always a time, as is well known, that rule of all the rulers ends some time or the other. It is the rule of the nature that the depressed class will establish its supremacy over the ruling class. In the course of time the Nazis realized this and took it for granted that today or tomorrow there is going to be a struggle with the Adivasis, so it became necessary for them to postpone this struggle for future period. So the slavery of the word Vanavasi is thrust on the Adivasis. By the use of this word Adivasis are presented on the horizon of the world as a criminal, silly, and undeveloped. Adivasis are given second class citizenship in this country. Nazis have ruled over Adivasis for thousands of years. They were denied human rights. They were exploited making them naked, hungry and homeless. And now they are presented in the anthropological world as "the most aboriginal human being". All these are criminal offenses against Adivasis. They feel that Adivasis should not get prepared to take revenge against these criminal acts. It is for this purpose that the model of "Vanavasi" is being created.

Perpetuation of Slavery

When a wrong thought is told thousand times and impressed on ones brain one starts feeling the falsehood as truth. Similarly if the mind of slave is hammered of slavery he starts enjoying his slavery. Same thing is happening of Adivasi by the word Vanavasi. By the impression of this word Vanavasi over the Adivasi he has started feeling himself that he is not a human being on this land, he is only a Vanavasi. To be a Vanavasi is my life, to be Vanavasi is my religion, Vanavasi is my culture, this is the impression on his mind and he has become a slave of the day.

During recent past Sangha Pariwar has ordered that Aryans have not come from outside, but are originally from this place. When the world was celebrating "Indigenous People Day" here in 1993, the Government of India following the orders of Golwalkar Guruji put forward the idea that there are no indigenous people in India and denying the originality of Adivasi put forward a statement that Adivasis and Aryans are the same people. This negative approach is coming out from a Nazi brain and needs to be condemned.

Thousand of Vanavasi Ashram institution are produced and run under the Sangha system for making Vanavasi out of Adivasi. The gullible Adivasis in the remotest places are to be converted by such institutions. By telling them stories from Ramayana Mahabharata they are producing among Adivasis, people like Ekalavaya who cut his own thumb on Brahmanical orders. The non Adivasi of Nazi ideology are coming forward posing as the true representatives of Adivasis in the name of the Vanavasi movement and are getting rewards and awards from the Government for doing benevolent work among Adivasis.

Class struggle between Vanavasi and social syncretisation

A class struggle has appeared among the Adivasi against another Adivasi. The differentiation is made between Adivasi in urban areas and Adivasi who studies in the village and comes to urban areas for service. The development of urban culture depends on exploitation of Adivasis. Therefore, the interests of Adivasis go against the interests of urban population, leading to system of Class struggle relationship. This is the explanation coming from the leftist leadership. In the process of political struggle between leftist and rightist ideologies, the leftist uses the word "Adivasi". because the political process require for them is easily expressed by term Vanavasi. The leaders of the rightist movement however calls Adivasi as Vanavasi. But no movement are started on this word Vanavasi between the leftist and rightist. On the contrary it appears that there is a understanding and compromise between the leaders of leftist and rightist movement about making Vanavasi out of Adivasi.The question of caste system repeats during the struggle between the rightist and leftist and Adivasi is lowest grade under the Chaturvarna caste system of the leaders of both rightist and leftist movement and thus Adivasi are being denied their existence and making them slaves.leaving him in search of is own existence. The leaders in leftist and rightist movement have a conspire together in making them Vanavasi and the Adivasi is asking for his home rights which are denied to him as a slaves in independent India.

The concept of Vanavasi denies the existence of Adivasi and his system making him accept the life of old system for further thousand of years he is being produced in front of future generation as in existence less animal. Vanavasi is bye-product of Sangha and then name Adivasi culture is insulted to a very great extent and therefore we completely denied this concept. We are indigenous not Vanavasi but mul niwasi.

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