Chapter 2

The Mulnivasis

Foreigners coming to India as aggressors first studied the culture of the indigenous people here. Afterwards they assimilated the better principles from indigenous people civilization. Afterwards they tried unsuccessfully to imposed teachers students relationship over the "Gana" system of this society having no Guru "system". They never thought all residents here as a human beings but they called them as forest dwellers, sinners on the earth, barbarians, Girijan, Harijan, Scheduled tribes and other names which deny them their existence with the intention of denial of human values to the indigenous people. As a matter of fact the indigenous people referred themselves as "human beings". Their words - "Koya", "Koytur", "Munda" "Pun" "Kur" (Kurmi), "Korku" all these words - literally mean "human being". These are the people who were the original residents of this land.

The black people in Africa claim themselves to be the first human beings on the earth, and consider Indian indigenous people as their ancestors. The white people call the black Negroes. "Negroes" denotes the denial all blacks from the white. It is a similar denigrated term like the ones used in India like Vanavasi, Girijan, Jungali etc.

According to Greek opinion Negroes from Africa mean people on death bed. In Spanish language Blacks are termed as Negroes. Spanish comes from Latin and its origin can be traced in Greek language. As Necro means all which is dead.

"The word in Negro is in Greek, is derived from the root word 'Necro' meaning dead"- [2 Essays on the African, American Experience" - By Anthony T Broder]

The term Negro destroys the humanity i.e. why the blacks in Africa denied the names Negro and adopted "Black". Negroes means dead cadavers we are not dead people we are living human being we must get our own human rights for those we have accepted black colour. Now the black colour is the symbol of our dignity and on international level they have got acceptance as indigenous people. Thus the black colour is symbolic of beauty (Black is Beauty). This concept was rooted by Marks Garve who was a indigenous person.

Even now there is no acceptance on the national and international level for the original inhabitants in India as the Indigenous people. The reason of this is that the indigenous people never took to the streets and struggled to maintain their own existence or special identity and do not deny and throw away the existence-less term applied to them. It is necessary that the Indian indigenous people take inspiration from the black rebels. The terms applied to Indian indigenous people, that deny them their existence can be explained as follows.


The indigenous people are as accepted as Adivasi in the society. This term has come from Hindu myth language and originated from Hindu religious text.( The Hindu term Adivasi which commonly used in India to described tribal people. The word originates from Hindu religious texts Page-48 IWGIA Documents 80) The term Adivasi is as language insulting as the term Harijan for the untouchables. Adivasi means "Aided communities" Those tribes who always requires the help from outsider. One who begs mercy from others is a Adivasi.

Adivasi means "resident since just before" i.e. slightly before than those who arrived now. This term does not denote that he is original resident right from the beginning of human race and rise of human culture. The word Adivasi is derived from Sanskrit and is not found in any language spoken by the indigenous people, denoting it comes from language of Aryans and it has come from the religious concept of Hindus and it denies the concept of indigenous people.


Indigenous people also called "Aadim". This concept has been put forward by R.S.S. who runs the "Aadim Jati Seva Sangha". Aadim means before one who has been dead many years and is not living today. Aadim tribes means the dead tribes. Thus Aadim is symbolic of dieing humanity. The body and brain are dead and it is no existence only their memories are living, meaning "MUMMIES", and such dead or dieing society means the Aadim society.


Vanavasi means uncivilized punished people. They have got no culture. He considered as a beast such Vanavasi who have no mother land lead the life as a slave only because they do not die. Those who are neither allowed to live nor allowed to die, are punished in the names of Vanavasi. This punishment is more painful than the death itself, destroying all Vanavasi progeny thereby. The punished person can at least condemn the system of justice at the time of getting a noose around his neck but Vanavasi can not even register his protest against this punishment. The term Vanavasi is more poisonous and has got effect of destroying the generations, more powerful than the poisonous Atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Vanavasi means "Vanva" plus vasi. In the fire in the forest all trees and plants alive or dead are all burnt. The fire is so severe that it destroys the roots of the plants right from the leaves to the deep down roots. How the indigenous person living in forest with such fire can escape the burn? In such a fire remnants of the culture preserved from generations are burnt down and unknowingly the man is reduced to ashes. In this way the life of the indigenous people in the nature turns into darkness. It is a new concept of Hindu Nazis and its codes of slavery are applied to the indigenous people.


Jungali means uncivilized people those who are living the life devoid of culture like beasts in the forest. As a matter of fact this is an abuse for the indigenous people. People do not feel comfortable by hearing the word Jungali. Therefore the "higher" class ones now call them "Vanavasi". We also agreeing with the tune of those who are making us Vanavasi very gladly accept and digest the poison of the term Vanavasi alias Jungali. Jungali means Vanavasi and Vanavasi means man with dieing society. This is a concept of Jungali.


In todays progressive world, anthropologists have created a new class among the indigenous people by the name of illiterate. Illiterate means not knowing reading and writing not having any knowledge of the world. They are not human beings but animals. Such meaning is implied by the word illiterate applied by the anthropologists. As a matter of fact the indigenous man is a "specimen for experiment" in original form. In search of origin of human being the research can not start without studying the group of indigenous people. Along with the study of their body structure, also their blood is examined. Lately different genes are found in the blood of indigenous people different from the common people. These genes can be used as medicine on serious diseases like Asthma. Hence, Panama country has obtained the patent over 360 genes in blood of indigenous people. The seriousness of the danger has not yet come to their notice. Therefore they might be called illiterate. Dr. Likina found some human skeletons in Africa which are 17 lakhs 50 thousand years old. They are termed (Zing-man). Zing man, Neanderthal man, Co- magnan-man Peking-man, all these human skeleton measurements compared with the human skeletons of Kolams, Kols, Koyaturs, and Pardhan Ganas in India and their measurement are nearly same. It is rather sad that such original people are treated as beasts by calling them illiterate.


The indigenous people are called Girijan and Harijan. This also destroys the existence of indigenous people. This term denied the dignity of the same human being. If you asked the villagers "What does your father do?" If his father was dead he would say, "he is gone to the God's abode". "Hari" means God and Harijan means the people who are dead and who belong to God. In a matriarchal Republics of indigenous people, the Gana, women have got more importance, so they are called Girijans. Girija means wife of Shiva. She has been given place of Goddess. Thus Girijan mean people who have gone to the abode of Goddess. Girijan Harijan mean people who have gone to the world of dead. This is the meaning and society of indigenous people is society of dead people.

Sinful animal on the earth

According to the Hindu religious concept those who performs bad deeds are called sinners. Sinners do not get liberation. Such a concept of sins and virtue is not present among indigenous people. The concept of sinners has been imposed upon the indigenous people who are leading their lives on the basis of justice, equality, brotherhood truth and non-violence. Sinners do not get liberation, they have to do penance to wash away the sins. The indigenous people in this country have not done sinful deeds but from thousands of years they have been slaves and have treated as sinful animals. The reason behind this is that he does not accept the concept of "Moksha" i.e. liberation and according to Hindu religious concept those who deny the "Moksha" are sinners. "Moksha" being the ultimate aim of the Hindu those who deny this concept do not have any intelligence and declaring them beast they have been cursed as sinful animal.


A Adivasi is a alternative words in Marathi for the English word ab-origionise. Primitive means "Jungali" or undeveloped people and by the term "savage" denotes the backwardness, ignorance or gullibility of the indigenous people. Thus to give a definite meaning to the indigenous man is a unsolved problem until now.

Similarly aborigionise and indigenous these two words are not widely used for them in India. In America they give them more importance. Captain Foreste termed the "Koytur" in India as "ab- origionise" whereas in the East India Company Gazetteer, the word "Race" is used for Munda, Kol, and other republics. Thurston Russell and Hiralal called these people as tribals in the Census Reports and thus avoided the use of Ab-origionise or indigenous.

Both these terms ab-origionise and tribes are of the offspring of European colonization denoting the meanness, the backwardness of indigenous people because these terms give support to colonization and they were strongly opposed in Europe. According to Mr. Tapan K. Bose, the "Tribal" name by European is given because of backwardness of indigenous people for their protection from the humanistic point of view. In the 19 century "ab- origionise protect society" was established in England with the intention of providing protection through humanism angle. Similar protection was accorded in Britain as well as America.

But in India different terms are used for indigenous people not for giving any protection but for denying their originality and existence and destroying their dignity. By making them dying into cultureless communities these terms are used.


The indigenous people having republican system has been kept within schedules of the 'tribes' and 'caste'. Tribes is a concept not present in Indian republics. In the constitution these people are put in 5th and 6th schedule instead of giving them special identity as indigenous people. The continuous area was divided into different states and thus indigenous people are divided. In past independent area the undivided human groups were divided and the unity among kith and kin of indigenous people was destroyed. If all the prisoners are put together in one place they can unite and organize in republic and attack those who put them in the prison. Therefore they kept in different cells prison. In the same line indigenous people in independent India if kept in one united areas or land they would have avoid unitedly against the establish to obtain the freedom because of this fear they have divided into different provinces like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orisa etc. and are put in different schedules. To put them in schedules is just like putting the prisoners in separate prison. What is the crime of these indigenous people the crime is that they belong to this land and is enemy of those coming from outside. Unless they liberated from these schedules indigenous people can not raise their struggle of self respect. Scheduled tribes means those who have no culture, have no way of living, and is such a existence- less group of men.


Indigenous does not mean Marathi, Gujrathi, Punjabi, or English. Not local, regional, national or foreigner, but it means the first human being coming in existence in the world. Indigenous people have different culture different language and dance music, are the different facets of their life. Language of their music is understood by everybody in the world and which touches their hearts. Such indigenous people have no caste, have no religion, the whole universe is their house and whole nature is the secret of their life.

Indigenous people is a fact in our country. The fact is being denied. Those people who are denying the truth are trying to prove that they alone are great human beings in the world and such people who are really enemies of the society are busy in the destruction of indigenous people. In the name of progress they are destroying the nature. That the man has evolved from the monkey, is this theory of Darwin. This has not been accepted by them, and that we are descendants from the monkeys is denied by these Hindutvavadis. Similarly, they do not accept that indigenous people are inborn citizens of this earth and they are denying them the status of indigenous people. On the contrary, they are considered as dead and has given a treatment of second class citizen. The established leaders of this land consider it below dignity to treat indigenous people on the basis of equality, because of the concept of Moksha.

While defining the indigenous people the United Nation Origination considered the following points.

1) Historical backgrounds of indigenous republics.
2) Separate identity of their originality.
3) Its social structures before colonization.
4) Ancestral republics.
5) Racial identification.

Considering all these elements United Nation Origination have define indigenous people as follows:


"Descendants of people who inhabited the present territory of a country wholly or partially at the time when person of different culture or ethnic origin arrived from other parts of the world, overcome them, by conquest settlement or other means reduced them to non-dominant or colonial condition ..."

International Labour Organization created League of Nation in 1920 for gaining protection to indigenous people but in the second world war it had no desired influence. During 1950 and 1970, Red Indians Indigenous people in North America through their various representative raised the voice against the violation of human rights. League of Nations has demanded the rights of self determination. This demand being able to decolonize the European colonization, it got special importance. It is said that this demand was like "Blue water and salt water "


Rights of self determination mean declaration of independence of Indigenous people. The concept Scheduled Tribes is offspring of European colonization over original inhabitants. To decolonization this Colonization means to obtain the rights of self determination. Mr. William Dez after strong efforts compelled the United Nation Organization to grant the principle of rights of self determination. Thus the credit of granting these rights of indigenous people in the agenda of United nations goes to Red Indians indigenous people of the North America. Rights of self determination is the Exposition of independence. Indian indigenous people should be able to participate in the main stream of national development and be able to establish contact on international level. They should be able to put their claims and grievances in the international court of justice and should be able to file petition against those who violate the human rights. They should be made capable to be "decision making authority" and this is not possible unless they get rights of self determination.

In this country, the terms used for indigenous people, all denote their meanness, and give them animal status. Adim, Adivasi, Girijan, Harijan, papi, prani, all these terms have a meaning of dead. Thus indigenous means dead. Dead by body, dead by intellect, dead by culture, dead by society. This is implied meaning of this term. Dead man never condemns any wrong. Thus dead indigenous people cannot oppose even vultures seeking their blood because he is a corpse in the burial ground. Society of such a man, should be considered as being caught in the Lava coming out of Volcanic eruption. No?

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