Chapter 7

(A speech)
Fascist Concept of God is thrust on the Adivasis

The Adivasis are the natural inborn citizens of this land. They have established their first civilization on the banks of Indus in the form of magnificent Harrapan Civilization proving their superior skills. The first great personality among them was Gotama the Buddha. It was because of the teachings of the Buddha, that India is known all over the world. The Aryans have destroyed their pre-Budhistic cultural history and thrusted a false history upon the Mulnivasis, the Indigenous people. The concepts of God, soul, spirituality, sin and virtue, and moksha i.e. liberation all belong to the foreigner Aryans. They denied the cultural values of Mulnivasis and imposed the colonization of God supremacy. Buddha had denied the concept of God and considered the eternal existence of human being as the centre of his thoughts.

Philosophy of Ambedkarite literature

The Aryans imposed their God based religious concepts over Mulnivasis considering God as the Dictator and all populace as his subjects, and the Brahmins, at times, considered themselves even superior to God, thereby enslaving the Mulnivasis. Thus the roots of Fascism are planted where the Brahmin is the chief and crores of Mulnivasis are his slaves. Democracy, according to Fascism, is the rule of people of low wisdom; whereas the Buddha taught the importance of justice, equality, fraternity, truth and non-violence and stressed human values based on democracy. According to Fascism, Democracy is not only the rule of people of low intelligence, but also cares more for the happiness of people rather than the braves, thereby making it weak instead of strong, virile and valiant, leading to degradation of society, and hence democracy deserves to be discarded. The same principle is adopted by the Arya-Brahmins. The heritage of Nationalism and Racialism accepted by the Arya-Brahmins to oppose the democratic principles of the Buddha, was furthered by Hitler and Mussolini and instead of reducing the suffering of masses, started a life cycle of degradation. Hitler massacred the Jews with the inspiration from the idea of "Moksha" of the Aryabrahmins. Christianity originated among the Jews, and showed kindness to criminals like Hitler and pardoned him. Hindus accepted concept of God like Christians. Christianity had no basic philosophy of its own, but Buddhism had its own very strong ideology. Buddhism is not a system propagating pessimism but has a philosophy to dispel the suffering, and the Ambedkarite literature has got the strong foundation of teachings of the Buddha. This literature is not pessimistic but denies the established system and rebels against the fascism and promotes the establishment of justice, equality and brotherhood, based on the fast revolutionary concept of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

The Phule Ambedkarite literature is the Declaration of Human Liberation, and dissecting the established system in and out, it exposes the craftiness used to establish the mental slavery. It restructures the false history and teaches every Mulnivasi person, his real past, putting forward a new philosophy against the slavery of Mulnivasis. This philosophy is the philosophy of Liberation of Human beings and has an ability to transform the social order in the world. Person accepting this ideology becomes capable of dealing with all the challenges of the world, his blood gets saturated with such atoms and when many such Ambedkarites assemble together they generate a power like an atom bomb, having the ability to shake the whole world. That is what, the Ambedkarite literature is.

Teachings of Brahmanism

Good education makes a man well cultured. After burning the great Civilization of Mulnivasis, instead of recreating them as humans, the Aryans caused sufferings, sorrow, grief, distress and despair in their lives. They created the "dharma-shastras" to give improper education to spread hatred among men. To destroy the high culture of Indus Civilization by imposing the concept God and Laws of Manu, the Brahmin pundits became the teachers. These so called teachers conserved the uncultured values and dislocated the social moorings, creating a vast gulf between a man and a man in the name of Brahmins and the Shudras. Forgetting the old Universal brother-hood, they nurtured the ideas of hate and despise, creating murderers of men. They impressed on the minds of Mulnivasis through their unscrupulous education, the culture of sadhus and saints, ashramas, puja archanas and the like. It was Dr. Ambedkar who denied this malicious system of education and promoted a sagacious society based on new system based on brother-hood, equality and justice, and is thus he is the hero of Human Liberation.

Duties of Slaves

The slavery imposed by the system makes their mentality prone to obey orders of masters. System has put the burden of Chaturvarna on the shudra-atishudras, the last in the link. Adivasis are now ordered to kill other Adivasis in the name of Naxalites, this is the same link as highlighted by Ambedkarite literature.

Impact of orders on slaves as well as soldiers is so great that execution of orders start even before the whole order is uttered, their minds are conditioned like this. They are used to "Order of Sequence". In the sequence of "Action", "Position" and "Fire", if the last command is changed to "Stop" the gun is fired as the minds are used to the "Order of Sequence", thus our own men kill our own men. The antisocial elements in the higher society are now trying to change the secular Constitution based on justice, equality, and brotherhood. The RSS based BJP govt. is now getting ready to experiment with the "Order of Sequence". The first order is "Attention" to get ready for review the constitution, second order is "Appoint" a commission. Looking at the strong protests the third order will be "Stop" but the Constitution will be changed due to the mental attitude prepared by the "Sequence of Order" theory. And the BJP will disown the responsibility. We were negligent when they demolished the Babri Mosque by the same technique, now the Ambedkarites should be alert to avoid the same error.

Black Literature

Blacks in America started their struggle of liberation on the basis of their world famous "Black Literature". Similar is the Ambedkarite literature in India, the literature of Liberation of Human beings. Blacks denied the word "Negro" as its main root "necro" means Dead in Latin, as expounded by Marks Garbe. Garbe said Black is universal, it denotes justice, liberty and equality and it is our identity. The revolts in America started on this basis.

Blacks in Africa differed slightly in that they are against the European Colonization, and they projected themselves as the first father of world civilizations, dissecting the European thinking, and accepted the concept of "Black is beautiful". In India, though the Dalit and Adivasi literature has dissected the Aryan myths in their scriptures, they have proved themselves rather incapable of fighting against Brahmanism based on Manusmriti, which declares women and Shudras as objects for their enjoyment. Activists of women liberation do not deny the authority of God and rituals, and do not deserve to be called Dalit. Women have inferior status only among the Brahmins. Neither the Adivasi nor the Dalit women are subordinate to men, they enjoy gender equality. All the elements of Dalit society do not deny the God and its supremacy. Are we going to label as Dalits all those who accept Phule Ambedkar but not the Buddha who denied God?

The term "Adivasi" originates from the womb of Hindutva, and denotes people of 'old" or "past" meaning "Dead" like Negroes and has become out dated and should be replaced by term "Mulnivasi", i.e. the Indigenous.

Let Ambedkarites and Adivasis unite

Yesterday's untouchable and today's Ambedkarite is the central point of all Ambedkarite literature. They, under the guidance of Dr. Ambedkar, have acquired Vision, though they had no culture of their own apart from the lowest rung of Chaturvarna. Adivasis on the other hand had their own culture, Gana panchayats etc. but lack the Vision. Let both come together like a combination of a lame and a blind, and build a strong world wide struggle against the system and get ready for social revolution under Ambedkarite ideals of Annihilating the Caste. That will be the day when a literature will emerge which will liberate every human being and the challenge thus created will not be endured by the established order and this mission can be accomplished only by the Ambedkarite literature.

Review of scriptures is a Must

Black skinned indigenous people around the banks of Indus are heirs of Harrapan civilization. After the destruction of Harappan civilization the foreign Aryans took lessons of culture sitting at the feet of Indigenous people and assimilated some good points from Mulnivasis and incorporated these in their Vedas and Puranas to create their own cultural dominance. Gradually they imposed their ideas of God and spirituality over them, the intention being to make Mulnivasis forget their own culture and accept the foreign Aryan's culture forgetting their own. As a matter of fact, Adivasi is not captured in the Iranian religious trap, but to destroy their culture, the scriptures enslaved them so that they keep on worshiping the Brahmanic culture for thousands of years to come.

A religion gives equal treatment and equal rights to all without distinction, and no religion recognizes slavery. But in India, Slavery is created by the scriptures themselves, creating a class of Shudras. The Brahmins should commit atrocities over Mulnivasis, murder them, treat them like beasts, starve them, deprive them from learning, subject them to inhuman exploitation and deprive them from their natural human rights; all these are rights given to Brahmins by their scriptures.

Unless these scriptures are revaluated one can not depict the cultural history of Mulnivasis. Brahmanic literature has put forward improper myths, denying the leadership of the Mulnivasi heroes; all such myths need to be restructured on the basis of true events. With these false myths, Brahmanic literature has entrapped the Mulnivasi heroes in snare of their religion and given them status of false gods. Brahmanic literature is clever enough to destroy the leadership of these heroes and give them godhood only. Siva of Adivasis is same form as Black Buddha of Africa. Marks Garbe, the architect of Black literature, organized his theories around the central point of Black Buddha and expounded the principles of Liberation of Blacks, giving rise to world wide struggle for liberation of Blacks. The main thread of ideological struggle is same in Black literature as well as Ambedkarite literature, and is aimed at liberation of human being.

Ravana - the hero of Mulnivasis

Ravana, whose full name was Raujaner Varendu Narendra (RaVaNa), was the contemporary of Tathagata Gotama, the Buddha. He was a black leader of a Gana of Adivasis struggling for justice, equality, and fraternity. The ideology of his struggle was foreign Aryans versus Mulnivasis, Whites versus Blacks, Hinduism versus Buddhism. It was a struggle against the arson of Yajnyas. Mahatma Ravana had long discussions with the Buddha about dharma- adharma and non-violence, and established a culture of "Raksha". He was a great propounder of non-violence, a great philosopher like Plato and Aristotle, but the Brahmanic literature has depicted him in a corrupt deformed way denying all his great qualities. The great personality who has never killed anybody throughout his life is publicly burnt by the Government organized functions. This is the nemesis and a show of the hate and despise of thousands of years towards the Mulnivasis by the Aryan invaders. From this platform, as the President of this Literary Convention, I demand from the progressive Government of the State of Maharashtra to immediately ban the burning of the great Buddhist philosopher Mahatma Ravana.

Law of Karma

Through the Law of Karma, the Brahmin pundits propounded the conceited philosophy of immorality. As a matter of fact, the Law of Karma is outside the scope of Hinduism.. It is not as Brahmins preach that one gets "Moksha" by doing good "karmas". It is the Law of cause and Effect and is Universal. According to this law, every backward there is a progressive forward reaction. "Everything in our world is based on "Law of Karma", which is universal principle of "Cause and Effect" for every action to reaction.", says Anthoney T. Browder. [p. XIV, 22 Essays on the African, American Experlance]

Established religious leadership has propounded a wrong notion about Law of Karma. Every writing emerging from this diseased mentality needs to be countered with befitting proper works and rejoinders. There is no liberation of mind from mental slavery without it. This process is the beginning of the Revolution. On any action done with God at its centre, the real answer would be progressive Ambedkarite literature. Ambedakarite Dhamma has helped to glow the radiance of Universal brotherhood, being based on pradnya, shila and karuna. The Blacks in South Africa and in America accepted the Ambedkarite ideology as of "Black Buddha" and produced the concept of "Black is beautiful" demolishing the system of Aryans (Whites) and breaking the fetters of Slavery - all this being due to Universal Law of Karma. This rejoinder comes in the form of denial of all pervading god and the rituals enjoined by the scriptures and is the adoration of cultural struggle in Ambedkarite literature for preservation of human values. Ambedkarite Dhamma is the universal remedy of ills of scriptures and is going to liberate the Mulnivasis. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. often spoke of a "brotherhood of humanity. But true brotherhood can not exist in the shadow of ignorance." [Anthony T. Browder, p.56, "22 Essays of African American Expenance"]

Marathi Fiction literature for entertainment

The fiction, stories, novels poetry dramas and the like produced from the Sadashivpeth of Pune produced by elites is like a cancer affecting the brains of Ambedkarites and Mulnivasis. It is dreamy literature and enslaves our brains so that no Mulnivasi should ever try to restructure his society. The immature children are hammered with the false mythic stories through the text books, magazines, rituals, movements, radio, televisions and now internet, so that their brains are corrupted. This results in our students after graduation do not fight against fascism but become tools in their hands to obey their orders and stand against the process of social transformation. The recent examples of such incidents are seen in the Dangs in Gujarath where the Bhils Adivasis killed Bhills Adivasis in the name of conversion, killing of Adivasis by Adivasi police in the name of Naxalism in border areas of Andhra and Maharashtra, and in political field a hard liner fascist like Chandra Swamy sits along with us and deadens the Ambedkarite brains.

Brahmanic literature versus Mulnivasi

The Ambedkarite literature has accepted the challenges and responsibility of dissecting the Brahmanic Fascist works deadening out brains. The brains and mentality of foreign Aryans, being residing in icy regions for thousands of years, have accumulated by heredity the quality of coldness and extreme cruelty. Their rage has selected the Adivasis and Ambedkarites for taking revenge. This is because, these indigenous blacks have denied the god and Aryans have realized rather frantically the danger that they, being the aliens, will have to go back to North pole. Marathi literature is the image of deadly shadow of the Sangha. Instead of liberating human beings the Marathi literature depicted irrational and imaginary events and took pride in making a buffalo utter the Vedas. This pleasure literature which is starving of real life conceptions, and desensitizes the human mind is now dreaming of becoming universal. The Marathi speaking 'upper' class Brahmins going to foreign lands for education, employment or business have flocked together and are trying to hold world wide Marathi literary convention comprising of about 165 active workers of the RSS. Such conventions have never ever raised the voice against the Korku Adivasis dying of starvation, or of Adivasis getting killed as Naxalites, or killing Bhill Adivasis in the name of conversions. This pleasure seeking literature has always ignored the real life problems and values of Mulnivasis and derives its inspiration from the religious scriptures nourishing inequality and violence. I declare this literature a dead literature. The Government of Maharashtra, which call themselves as progressive, donate lakhs of rupees to such conventions. This must stop immediately. It is the hard earned money of Maharashtrian people and must not be squandered. It should be used for poor Adivasi children dying of starvation, for rehabilitation of poor Banjaras wandering here and there, for the Ambedkarite population leaving a life of penury below poverty line.

We are celebrating golden jubilee of our 'independence'. The history of these fifty years is revealing. People in the grass root levels do not know the name of this country. They donot know their President, their Prime Minister, their National flag or their National anthem. Even today Korku Adivasi children are dying of starvation, Pardhis and Banjaras are wandering having no houses anywhere, they are naked and have no clothes to wear. Adivasis are being deprived of their scanty lands, being acquired for industrial purposes without rehabilitating them. There is no education and 89 % of Adivasi population is leading life below poverty line. They are still being exploited, there is no machinery for their safety, Their women are openly molested. There are no separate Laws for Adivasis. Those who do not have their own Laws are the slaves. Thus we are second grade citizens.

National Symbols and Mulnivasis

Natinal Anthem is devoid of any mention of Indigenous people's existence or prestige or culture though all regions, people rivers and moutains are mentioned, making us wonder whether we are belonging to this Soverign state or not. It talks of "Bhagya Vidhata", which alludes to God and destiny, and not on action for nation building. The very word "Bhagya" belives in God and is a blind faith based on Hindu mythology. We deny this and we also deny the Vande Mataram and Saraswati Vandana etc. being in the same sspirit.

Need for Social Education

Proper social education is also necessary along with restructuring of the literature. Societal education started right from the Buddha, who used to educate the Bhikkus by His sermons. He put forward through his discourses, an ideology of leading the "samyak" life, with human being as its centre. Denying the "Hindutvavadi" ideal of doing rituals all life to obtain "moksha", the Buddha preached "Nibbana as the goal. His teachings were based on ideology of complete denial of established system. That broke down the thinking based on existence of God and Aryan colonization was harshly shaken.

Mahatma Phule raised a great gigantic revolt against the established literature of Brahmanism. He laid the foundation of a strong ideological struggle against the slavery imposed on the shudra-atishudras by dissecting out the Brahmanic books which denied the very existence of shudra-atishudras, and paved the way for liberation of Dasas and shudras by decolonizing the Aryan colonization. It was a struggle for restructuring of values of the people at the bottom.

After Phule, great martyr Birsa Munda gave a strong ideology by evaluating the existence of Mulnivasis and lit the flame of Independence through social education. He was a great rebel, who gave real meaning to Indian democracy. He was the real hero of great revolution to establish equality by challenging the slavery imposed on Adivasis by idea of God as propounded by Brahmanical and Christian teachings. "Freedom is my birth right", declared Birsa much before Tilak did. He entered the temples at Chutiya near Ranchi and broke down the images there, and declared that Hinduism is the basic cause of slavery of Munda Adivasis. He taught that we must deny the God and led the revolt for it. This act of iconoclasm of Birsa reminds one of Dr. Ambedkar's struggle at Kalaram temple. Opposing the sastras advocating inequality, Birsa taught justice, equality and fraternity. He taught :

"Do not steal, Do not kill
"Do not tell lies, nobody should beg.
"Keep away from sorcery and magic.
"Do not worship gods and goddesses
"Nobody should drink. It is the root of all evils.
"Do not believe in Ghosts and vampires."

This education by Birsa is the beginning of Revolution. Further, to create universal brotherhood, he taught:

"Be laborious like ants.
"Love each others like animals.
"Always cooperate with others
"Never get despaired
"I have given you all the arms of struggle
"And taught you all the truth"

Birsa never read the Buddha. Nor did he read literature of Phule. But his teachings were based on truth, nonviolence, brotherhood. The concept of Phule's Satyadharma and Birsa's "Birsai" dharma is based on the same principles of Buddha's Dhamma. Birsa was a crusader like Phule. His struggle was for establishment of human values.

During British rule, the education of Indian masses reached its zenith. As masses felt British system alien, so also they thought the Brahmanic concepts of God, Atma, Avataras, heaven, hell, moksha etc. futile and alien. Dr. Ambedkar had a deep study and educated masses in this respect and hence this was the golden age of social education, and 21st Century is going to bee the Era of Ambedkarite Revolution.

Mulnivasis and Buddhism

Ambedkarite struggle is the cultural struggle between Dwijas and Mulnivasis. Mulnivasis discarded Dwija culture and thought yajnyas outdated. Such a man who opposed Yajnyas is being projected as an ancient animal in the laboratory of Anthropologists. Museums are created to show his original form, his hunting implements, his dress, and various articles used by him have been shown as objects of curiosity in exhibitions organized for the purpose. His pictures and portraits in naked and half naked poses have become the objects of adoration in Beer Bars and boudoirs.

Buddha belonged to Sakya Gana of Adivasis. Gotama means a "bull". This was the totem of the Buddha, whereas the totem of Gana of Buddha was "Sal Tree". "Gana Pramukha" of Gana of Sakyas was Shudhodana, father of the Buddha. The Sangha of Buddha was a cultural "Gotul" of Adivasi Gana. When the Buddha joined the Sangha, there was a dispute of water between Ganas of Koliyas and Shakyas. Buddha opposed the decision of Gana Panchayat to resolve this dispute by war. Though the decision was democratic, it involved human destruction and blood shed. He was the first person to oppose and rebel against the decision of Panchayats, fully on the base of human values, for which he had to renounce his kingdom. In the same process, Sidhartha became the Buddha, the "Tathagata", the Giver of a New Path to the whole humanity for generations to come.

He was influenced by Alar Kalam, whose totem was Kalam meaning trunk of a tree, and who had his own Sakya philosophy which believed that "Truth can not exist without a proof. Thought must be based on Rationality. There is no evidence to suggest the idea that God exists and created the Universe. There is suffering and exploitation in the world." The Buddha wanted to make him first disciple, but he had already died.

Ekalavya - a defeated hero

Ekalavya was a character in Mahabharat, who had fallen a prey to the system. Dalit and Adivasi authors have projected him as a hero of Adivasis. But he is a defeated hero, and can not be an inspiration to new generation. Hence the true story has to be restructured. Stoppage of barking of a dog by Eklavya's arrows had devastated the supremacy of Arya Guru Drona. So his thumb was cut by conspiracy of Drona Arjuna. There is no tradition of "Guru sishya" among the Adivasis. They learn and achieve skill by trial and error method. Ekalavya was a better and superior archer than Arjuna and Drona. So Drona by treachery and deceit asked "guru dakshina" of cutting his thumb. To ask "guru dakshina" was against the Adivasi culture and a challenge to it. It was customary to accept the challenge by the Gana pramukha of Adivasi ganas and wage a war, and not to surrender. If Ekalavya had accepted the Aryan challenge and started war, he would have been hero of Mahabharata. But to cut his own thumb and surrender to Aryan culture and accept their slavery was an attitude of a defeated hero. What inspirations can an Ambedkarite get from such a defeatist mentality and mortgaging of his pride and prestige? He can not be a hero in Ambedkarite literature. A struggle by a disabled warrior after becoming slave of the system was a vain struggle. It was not a struggle against Brahmanical system. A character who has accepted defeat and surrendered to Brahmanic system can not be the hero in Dalit Adivasi literature and Ambedkarite thinkers need to the drive away this hero.

Ekalavya versus Angulimaal

Contrasted with Eklavya's character, Angulimaal stands in a much superior position. A smart intelligent student named Asankhyaka becomes superior to Brahmin students. So the guru asks him "guru dakshina" to bring fingers of one hundred slain men and present the garland made of those fingers, to obtain 'moksha'. After 99 murders, when he goes out in search of his last prey, the Buddha asks him how he was an Angulimaal, it was not his real existence, he must now stop - and he stops. Then he realizes his existence at the last moment and rebels against the system and surrenders to Buddha's ideals. Ekalavya and Angulimaal, both are the victims of the system, but Ekalavya surrenders, whereas Angulimal at the last moment, rebels against the system and becomes the hero.


Water is the primary necessity of life. The disputes about water since hoary past are related with human existence. To establish their birth right over the fire, Aryans kept the Fire burning at "Baku" in Iran and spread it elsewhere in the name of Yajnyas. In a similar way, to keep their hegemony over the water resources, and thus control the masses, the Aryans started a process of inhuman exploitation in the name of water with the help of scriptures. They are opposing modern "Water" so that their misdeeds may not be exposed. The dispute during Buddha's times between Shakyas and Koliyas was about water. The struggle of Mahad in 1927 was for water in Chawdar tank. Mahatma Phule had opened his "haud" for untouchables, that was also problem of Water. The struggles by Buddha, Phule and Ambedkar related with water are all related with human values. These struggles were for granting the deprived their rights, and were based on human values, very much unlike Kavery water dispute or Sardar Sarovar water dispute or Inchampalli dam project dispute to give international awards to leaders of Brahmanism like Patkar and Amte at the cost of violation of human rights of Adivasis.

"Water" means water of Ganga river. All your sins committed anywhere on the earth are washed away by dip in this water. As per Manu, woman is an object of enjoyment and pleasure. After becoming a widow, she should be prey of lust of man. Not only this, but should start a shop on the bank of Ganga, are the orders of Brahmanic society. Their fertile brain mooted the idea that all sins are washed away after a dip in this river. And they have tonsured the heads of widows and opened the gates for their own enjoyment on the banks of Ganga. These sins should not be made known to world, is the reason that they are opposing "Water". Why river Ganga alone was selected to cleanse all the sins? The reason is that the name is derived from an Ethiopian Gana pramukh of Negro Adivasi named Gange was who had conquered the river by war. J. A. Roger observes, : "The Ganges, the sacred river of India, is named after Ethiopian King of that name who conquered Asia as far as this river." [p.12, "100 Amazing facts about the Negro".

Aryabrahmins thought the river related with Adivasis traditions, to be sacred, so they selected it for washing away their sins. Mahatma Phule had revolted against the Brahmanic culture to stop their tonsure and allow them remarriage, Whereas Dr Ambedkar brought in Hindu Code Bill to give equal rights to women. The Buddha admitted women in His Sangha and gave them equal status. Adivasi culture gives them equal rights. Ambedkarite literature is the real literature giving the women equal status and liberate them from the slave mentality of Hinduism. It is the literature to brig about a "samyak" revolution.

Bill Clinton

The BJP Government accorded a warm welcome Bill Clinton. All the branches of RSS were very active. His arrival has given a happy support to all Brahmins. He has relations with Aryabrahmins. All the Fascist Brahmins must have felt very proud that they have the blessings of the most powerful man on the earth. The racists white rulers of America brought about massacres of Japanese Buddhist by dropping an atomic bomb over them. Though of a different nature, it was no less cruel than the acts Hitler. Before dropping the nuclear device on Japan, they had tested it in Nevada region of Red Indian Adivasis of America causing their massacre. "Pokharan" was similar experiment over the Adivasi Bhils by the white racist Aryabrahmin BJP rulers killing the gullible,simple Bhill Adivasis. Women had abortions due to these tests. Children became blind and old became disabled, and the race of Bhills is on the way of extinction. The happiness of this is being celebrated by BJP Government on the occasion of Clinton visit. After killing these Adivasis in the name of Tests, the BJP Govt., shirking responsibility says, "Again Buddha smiled". If Buddha would been alive, how much agony he would have suffered by killings of Japanese Buddhists, Nevada Red Indians and Pokharan Adivasis, is beyond imagination. How the pain can be realized by the Fascist Sanghist insensitive and hard liner brahmanvadis?

Clinton belongs to race of Aryan racist European colonialists. There is a strong conspiracy to impose a Fascist European Colonization over the Mulnivasis, in a new shape, by the Aryan traditional Sanghists rulers. The Union of Clinton and the Sanghists has created a new challenge of imposition of Slavery in new dimensions - the challenge, which the Ambedkarite literature must prepare itself to accept and face.

Aryans are foreigners

Highly respected, Sangha leader, Guruji Golwalkar's orders are under implementation, and everybody is telling the other that, "Guruji says Aryans are did not come from outside, they belong to this land." This whisper has spread like wild fire. Did not Guruji see the views of Hindutvavadi Max Mullier and Lokmanya Tilak, that "original home of Aryans was North Pole"? The disciples of Guruji should first try to use their pens to strike down the theory of Lokmanya Tilak, before searching the original home of their race. If Guruji had ordered to search for the Swastika of Adolf Hitler, who was so near to him by race and blood, he would have known the origin of Aryans. As a matter of fact, it seems that these orders of Guruji are just for mental consolation of Brahmanical class. Because the Sanghvadi people and their new generation are leaving the country in the name of employment, business, and higher education, and settling abroad, obtaining foreign citizenships, looking for safe abode. Therefore, as the population of Brahmins is getting reduced, the disciples of Golwalkar might be worried that one by one they are deserting this country. So by ordering of "Aryans have not come from outside" seems to be an honest attempt to suppress the real fear in the minds of Aryabrahmins that they are refugees.

As a matter of fact, Brahmins are living in this country for thousands of years as aliens. We, the Mulnivasis, have tolerated them so long uptill now on our motherland. But today we must strongly resolve that the foreign Aryabrahmins must leave this country and depart. For this, the real challenge before the Ambedkarite literature is struggle between Mulnivasis versus Foreigners, and it must take shape in this literature.

Jai Bheem! Latari Kawadu Madavi
Pardi (Naskari), Tah. Ghatanji, Dist. Yeotmal

The Back page has a poem by great Dalit poet Loknath Yashvant

They came from gulfs of Iran Iraq
And started ruling the original residents here
Due to their cunningness.

They declared themselves at their own sweet will as
Intelligentsia, higher varna, great.
And what not.
They deprived the Indigenous their identity
Removed the Masters of this country from Positions of
Power, Wealth, Learning.
They made the lives of people here mere Stones and
Became the Managers of the System.

Adivasis are Original Indigenous
Is as true as Sun is. But
To prove themselves to be the so called Greatest
In the world by their own declaration
Denied the Truth. And are destroying the Indigenous.

Adivasi brethren are not in cage of any Religion
Beyond everything, They are
Free, Nature is their friend
It is their companion
But these days, these alien free renters
Wish them to be drowned in colours of
Their own religious shades and hues

Under such conditions, Latari Kawadu Madavi
Wants them to realize their own Identity
And the Whole World may know
That "PATANA" is not far away.


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