An Optimistic and A Positive Approach


It is happy to note that the E-Forum is becoming alive. It also is heartening to note that some of the writings are of very high standard and thought provoking.

I most humbly request our brothers and sisters to set some goal for us and put all our energies to achieve the same.

My immediate suggestion is to think of support and help the Bahujan Samajavadis to garner as big percentage of votes as possible from the people in the coming Lok Sabah Elections.

Let me explain why we have to choose such a goal.

1.After Independence it is the Brahmins and the Baniyas who are enjoying the benefits of freedom.

2. Though we have reservation in appointments and promotions what is its fate now?

Let us analyse our own cases.

In my case till SSLC I did not get any benefit of reservation. To continue further studies I had to do part time jobs during vacation leave and weekly holidays. Since I was a first class candidate there was no need of reservation for getting a seat. I got about 3 scholarships ranging from Rs.800 to 1200. My entire batch got appointment in HAL after completion of our studies. There was no reservation either in appointments or in promotions till 1974 in HAL. Some of us had to write to the Government to implement reservation. After 9 years of experience I got a promotion in open selection. When the management consisting of Brahmins and caste Hindu (Malayalee) Bureaucrats could not avoid implementation of reservation due to Government pressure, they made their own rules by misinterpreting the Presidential Directives and restricted promotions only unto Grade II (there are Officer Grades up to10 and above including MDs & Chairman in HAL). They equated this Grade Equivalent to class I of Central Government though the Basic was less than Rs2250/- These Caste Hindus used to adopt all ways and means to prevent SC/STs getting appointment and promotions. They advertised appointments and promotions where SC/STs were not available but did not announce them wherever suitable candidates were available. We had to run to the pillar and the post. We approached the Government for Justice. We first formed Local association and the All India Association. Such associations were simultaneously formed in Banks, PSUs, and Central Government Services to support each other. We approached the National Commission for SC/ST and brought the Parliamentary Committee for SC/STs for redressal of our grievances. We had to move High Courts for promotions for our Association Members. The Caste Hindus purchased the General Secretary of our association when the case came up. Later we found large number of employees and officers had produced bogus castes and got appointments. The Caste Hindu management encourages these bogus caste certificate holders to avoid reservation for the genuine SC/STs. We had to do Dharnas in front of Corporate Office. With all the above efforts we could only get a microscopic benefit. The Modus aperendi of the manuvadhi management was to see that the tasks of any project were not distributed in writing. But the work done by SC/STs went to their record and cornered all the benefits of promotions and foreign assignments and training. There fore we demanded that 22 ½ % of the tasks be reserved for SC/STs and informed them that 22 ½ % of the budget spent for each project be discussed with SC/STs so that this share of the budget was not misused.

The practicing manuvadhi management and the trade unions joined hands and virtually avoided promotions in workers category. Because they thought that SC/STs would become officers very fast because of the prevailing backlog. Hence all the SC/STs have to get their promotions based on time scale.

There are more than a thousand safai workers (Daily wagers) most of them belonging to SC/STs. They have been working on temporary basis though their nature of job was permanent in nature. They have put in service ranging from 5 to 25 years. Some of them have retired as temporary workers. We tried all our best to make them permanent. We contacted the National, Commission for SC/ST, Commission for Safai Karamcharis and the Parliamentary Committee for SC/ST But the Manuvadhi misled them by presenting bogus SC/ST s before them and they were informed that the management was very helpful to them.

When the cases of employees who produced bugus caste certificates and got appointment were taken up with the authorities concerned, some times the State Government came for their rescue, at times the manuvadhi trade unions rescued them. And the Bogus caste certificate holding Office bearers of the Bogus Association was encouraged by the manuvadhi management and bailed them out in order to curb the genuine claims of the genuine SC/STs.

Now all the doctors and engineers are recruited on contract basis. This arrangement is to see that the SC/STs are not appointed for these professions. They recruit project engineers and after one year of service they are made permanent. When we protested against such unfair trade practices. They told that there would be special recruitment for SC/ST. But they have not yet filled up these vacancies. Management promised the SC/ST board members that they would take up the cases of SC/ST at a later stage. But the promise was never fulfilled. The bogus office bearers of the bogus association compromised with the manuvadhi management because their daughter and sons got such appointments at the cost of genuine SC/STs.

In HAL even the lowest grade employee’s children are not eligible for scholarship because of their salaries. The banks will not give any loan for setting up their own business because of the upper limit of the earnings. But a manuvadhi’s son or daughter can even start a nursing home or an industry. But the manuvadhis go to the villages and the slum areas and tell the poor SC/STs that the so-called rich SC/STs have cornered all and SC/STs communal riots where SC/ST, Muslims and Christians where they are forced to live together, so that they could harm each other.

I am sure that each one of the forum members would have experienced similar situations with a little change here and there. Our forum members all over the world are there because of their own efforts and not because of any support from the manuvadhis.

After all the above efforts to ascertain our rights and failures to get them. We have resolved to see that the Bahujan samaj is empowered in the coming Lok Sabah and the subsequent elections so that there will be an automatic proportionate Representation to all the members of the Bahujan Samaj as the Budget will be distributed to the welfare of the Bahujan Samajavadhis.

Smt. Mayawathi did such an effort when she became the Chief Minister of UP.She started distributing land to the landless and proportionately she tried to share the budget amongst the Bahujan samaj. This was not tolerated by the Manuvadhis and saw to it that she looses her power.

Dr.sati jee talks about Proportional Representation; it is nothing but Bahujan Samajvad. If the Bahujan Samaj is empowered automatically the budget will be shared amongst the Bahujan samaj for their welfare. Today it is shared among the Manuvadhis. 99% of the budget benefits goes for the welfare of these 15% of the manuvadhis. Once the Budget is distributed proportionately to the Bahujan samaj automatically the manuvadhis will be restricted to their percentage. I feel that these manuvadhis who claim that they are the only meritorious people in India like the Jews, they must be given a separate State and budget according to their population and watch their merit. Are the manuvadhis prepared to take up this challenge? But if the Bahujan samaj is empowered they could be forced to demonstrate their merit.

We are very much proud to have with us Dr.Sati jee who is totally committed to the cause of the Bahujan samaj. He comes to the help of the victimised communities whether it is elections or CD of Babasaheb or anything for that matter. But a humble request to Sati jee. When the Bahujan samaj chooses any one as their candidates we have to support them. Because it is the number of heads that counts for empowering the bahujan samaj. We might have to support their allies also wherever Bahujan samaj candidates are not put as candidates. I am sure that we have good number of committed intelligent people who are capable of ruling this country.

For a moment I thought how happy the Bahujan Samaj will be if experts like Dr. Sati jee, Velu jee, Mr.Niranjan, Mr.Srikanth Lokande, Mr.K.P.Singh, Mr.S.Ramach, Mr.Jwaland Vemula, Mr.Debnath, Mr.Jamnadas, Mr.SashiKanth and Thirumathi Deepa Pathi represent the victimised communities in the next Parliament. I am sure with all their commitment to the Bahujan Samaj they will strive to eradicate the suffering of these people and bring total happiness.

However, the politics has taken a secondary place all over the world. It is the IT that has taken the first place. Fortunately we have our forum ready to help the victimised communities get their due such as education, employment and all the information they require through their IT practice. I am sure that all the members of the forum with little effort can become number one IT professionals. With just $3000 Sashi and myself have established voice mail and we attempting to go for video conferencing. I am sure all the members in our forum can afford to establish such conferences with their family members in India. Once this is established all of us can have conferences as and when we feel like having one. We can also see each other remaining in our own place. Then we can slowly establish such conferences to all the villages where we could educate and help them get employment opportunities and other information they need. Of course we need our own government for this aspect.

Now I hope our members will understand the need for having our own Government.

At present the 15% manuvadhis are cornering all these facilities. They do not spare any area, which fetches them money. To sweep a house or a street a safai karamchari is required. But when it is done with the help of a vacuum cleaner, a manuvadhi with a tie, pant and shirt will not mind doing the work. Most of the villages and slums do not have toilets. The Manuvadhis have started Sulab Souchalayas and they collect money from these victimised communities when they use the toilets. A traditional barber will earn very less money that serves the poor. But there are Mauvadhis who own hi-tech hairdressing saloons and Beauty Parlors. The Manuvadhis will not hesitate to rear poultry or piggery or have cold freezers or hi-tech dry cleaning shops or do shoe business by exploiting the traditional victimised communities with a megre salary.

In HAL we started a multipurpose cooperative society for the SC/STs and Safai Karamcharis to take up the contract of about Rs.2 ½ crores for horticulture and sanitation work. But the manuvadhi management refused to give any contract though there is a constitutional provision for such societies to take up such contracts. Practicing manuvadhis corners these contracts.

Now it is a scientific world. All the menial jobs are sorted out in a scientific manner.

All we need now is a Government by the Bahujan samaj, of the Bahujan samaj and for the bahujan Samaj.So that we can share the Budget to these victimised communities and see that they get their due share by avoiding the middlemen who are exploiting these people. Some of us must bring it to the notice of the world communities that the original people of India are the real work force and that they can cater their services directly to anybody who wants their service. And tell the world that the manuvadhis are only exploiters and middlemen who are making money at the cost of the poor victimised communities who are the origins of this land. We must also tell the world that if the Bahujan Samaj is empowered they will bring total peace in the world because they are the followers of Buddha and Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Once we set a target or a goal like the one stated one above for the coming 3 or 4 months. We must start raising funds as per the advice of our most revered and affectionate Mr.Velu jee. We are really enjoying his writings. He must tell the world for the need of such a Bahujan samaj empowerment in his own style.

Thirumathi Deep Pathi’s suggestions on organising a campaign to help the bahujan samaj in India could be followed in toto to start with as Sati jee has stated. It is fantastic. The two pronged campaign of publicity and Action programme could be extended upto election booth level at a later stage. The permanent committees of booth level are a must. Because such a committee could be utilised for discriminating information required for the upliftment of the victimised communities and others through IT.

Her proposed committee could be Mr.Velu jee, Dr.Sati jee, Mr.Niranjan, Mr.Sashikanth, Mr.Srikanth Lokande who says that Babasaheb has never used the word dalit which was used to counter the backward community revolution by the congress in order to replace the word "Harijan" word which was opposed by Babasaheb himself and other self respecting untouchables. However we have a better terminology in Bahujan Samaj which includes SC/STs backward communities and Minorities which constitutes majority of the people in India who are the origins of this land. Our forum used its wisdom to christen its consortium as WISDOM. Our forum is capable of going totally hi-tech. Mr.K.P.Singh defends our leader credibility and naturally gets angry when our leaders join hands with Manuvadhis. But we must stop attacking our bahujan samajavadhi leaders in public who are attempting to empower the bahujan Samaj atleast upto the Lok-Sabah is over.

Mr.S.Ramach says politics looks dirty today because good people do not go there. We need more Kanshi Rams, Paswans, Krishnaswamys and asks to go ahead and support more Bahujan Politicians. (I am trying to avoid the word dalit to replace with Bahujan Samajvadi).

Mr.Jwaland Vemula wrote a very optimistic and positive thinking article as to why India was not developing. He has done a masterpiece and one has to totally agree with him. If he is getting death threats for all his views, arguments, quires and curiosities against his point of view, that means his path is a right path according to Babasaheb.

Mr.Tarapad Jayanth Debnath and Dr.K.Jamnadas are great assets to the Bahujan Samaj. We have look into almost all the points they have brought before the forum.

I am discussing the proposal made by Dr. Sati jee regarding the funds that may come from abroad with the legal experts in Bangalore. Ina day or two I will mail the outcome.

I am foreseeing in the forum that the forum itself may turnout to be a virtual ruler to support the future physical Bahujan Samaj rulers.

With maithri and metta
JC Vimalo


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