Optimism is the Master Key

Babasaheb Ambedkar said, "Political Power is the Master Key." Yes. It is a master key by which you can open all the doors of progress.

In Mahashtra, you had agitated for over twenty years to rename the Marathwada University as ‘Babasaheb Ambedkar University’. You could not succeed, because you were not the rulers to rename the University. You did not have the master key in your hand. In 1989, Late Rajiv Gandhi came to Lucknow and laid the foundation for Dr.Ambedkar University. When his Congress Party was refusing to rename the Marathwada University after Babasaheb in Maharashtra, the same party was laying foundation in Lucknow for Dr.Ambedkar University. People of U.P. never demanded it. It was the Maharashtra people who were demanding it. Why did the Congress people want Dr.Ambedkar University in U.P.? Because, the people of U.P. were demanding the master key. Hence the rulers wanted to hide the master key behind the University!

By acquiring master key in U.P., we started many Universities, not just One University, for which Maharashtra people were agitating for years. In 1994, we laid foundation for Sahu Mahraj University in Kanpur. In 1996, we opened Mahatma Phule University and Dr.Ambedkar University. And we acquired 200 acres of land for Gautham Buddha University. We created seventeen new districts of which the last one is Buddha Nagar, which is near Delhi.

You can acquire the master key of political power by properly handling the caste.

Till now I spoke about caste. Now, I want to speak about Dalits. I rarely go out of India. My followers were expecting that I would not participate in this Convention. Because I am perturbed by their weaknesses. Their biggest weakness is dalithing. It has become a profession. Dalithing is a refined form of begging. Dalits and beggars go hand in hand. Beggars cannot become rulers. So also the Dalits. Direction of their begging hand bust be changes (turns his hand downward. From begging posture to giving posture). If you do not become rulers, our problems are going to remain forever. But how can you become rulers being Dalits, meaning beggars? You should cease to become Dalits. You should become rulers to get rid of all your problems. That is the only solution.

Our intellectuals think that the solution lies in Marxism, Communism, Socialism etc., In a Country where Brahminism is existing, no ‘ism’ can succeed. Because no ‘ism’ has taken note of caste. Therefore the duty of intellectuals - it is my duty too - is to take note of the Brahminism and create our own ‘ism. They talk so much about unemployment. About the one crore unemployed Brahmins. But why don’t they talk about those ten crore refugees, who are illiterate and unskilled. No party thinks about those ten crore people. They are our people and hence only our Party can think about them. Only our Party can solve their problems. And we can solve every problem of our problem by becoming the rulers of India.

I am not thrusting my ideas on others. I only narrated my experience.

It is for you to benefit from my experience.

You can create a casteless society by becoming rulers. This is my solution. Why should the beneficiaries of caste destroy the caste system? Victims of caste alone have to destroy the caste system. Only becoming rulers can do this. Rulers alone can destroy the caste system.

You may think that I am asking for the impossible. But I have always been asking for the impossible. And I am getting it too. This is Kanshi Ram Phenomenon. Kansi ram phenomenon is becoming the National Phenomenon.

Have the right thinking to go further and a new vision to create a casteless society by becoming rulers. Rulers alone can create a new society.

Jaibhim Jaibharath

"What makes one interest dominant over another is power. That being so. Power is needed to destroy power"

- Babasaheb Ambedkar

According to today’s scientific analysis, politics has taken a second seat over the Information Technology. Let me make myself clear. I am a technician. A technician cannot be a politician. But the Brahminical Order of the society will never accept the merit of a panchama. According their scriptures there are four categories of Souls, first rate soul belongs to Brahmins, second one to the Vysias, third one to the Kshatryas and the fourth one to the sudras which is still under dispute. But according to the scriptures panchamas have got no souls. Some religions believe that human beings only have souls but animals and other beings do no have souls. Therefore, they feel that Panchamas could be treated, as they like. But Buddhism does not believe in soul at all. It believes all beings are equal, so one has to show compassion and love to all living beings. Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar therefore has shown the right path to these so-called panchamas. We all know that Ashoka the great converted whole of India as Buddhist Nation. Ever since then the so-called panchamas remain as Buddhist and continue to be Buddhists.

As Buddhists we must always try to keep our mind calm and quiet, at the same time alert and attentive and with an equanimity mind without reacting to happy or sad or any other feelings and with a mind having clear understanding that nothing is permanent. This is the essence of Vipassana medition taught by Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha has also said " see truth as truth and untruth as untruth".

As far as BSP is concerned Smt.Mayavathi has clearly stated in an interview given to the Indian Express recently the BSP is not just a Political Part but a movement of the Bahujan Samaj. After going through the entire speech of Dadsaheb Kanshi Ramji I personally feel so. And also feel that Information Technologist who is now occupying the first seat must help such movement, firstly to bring all the victimised caste leaders under one umbrella to cross the 51% mark, consolidate them and throw out the Brahmincal Order of the society from power and at the same time empower the Bahujan Samaj. After installing the Bahujan samaj in power. The IT professionals have to help in creating a virtual prototype of a Government which will be run in a most scientific manner. This will help the physical rulers to run a physical Government. And the IT professionals will always be the virtual rulers who will enable the physical rulers to incorporate the continuous change that taking place.

Dear Mr.Niranjan, I hope that you will understand my position as to where I belong to. I will be fully concentrating on Information Technology and Integrated Product Development of any manufacturing product and see how best I could be helpful to the under privileged communities.

Anyway I will be meeting Dadasaheb Kanshi Ramji on 29-04-99. I am clear about the social, political and economic philosophy of BSP. If the members still want any other clarifications, I will try to get it from Dadasahib Kanshi Ramji himself.


With compassion and love

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