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Meena Kandasamy
Editor, The Dalit


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Jan-Feb 2002 Issue

· B. R. Ambedkar as the forerunner of modern dalit literature
· Chandra Bhan Prasad gives a piece of his mind to non-dalits
· State terrorism in Sankaralingapuram
· Gail Omvedt discovers a dalit hero in Kasyapa Matanga
· Kancha Ilaiah on Ambedkar as the liberator of OBCs too
· Interview with R. Thirumavalavan on Tamil dalits
· Caste of Cricket: Boria Majumdar on India’s dalit cricketers
· Yoginder Sikand on R. S. Adil’s case for a dalitist islam
· Untouchable Spring: an extract from G. Kalyan Rao’s telugu novel

Mar-Apr 2002 Issue

· Anand Teltumbde analyses the Bhopal Document
· BC leaders ‘Hijacking Periyar’
· K. R. Narayanan on the mistreatment of women
· Feminism’s caste: Rekha Thakur on the Women’s Bill
· Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy’s short story
· Eleanor Zelliot explores Chokhamela, a dalit saint
· An essay on the casteist, communalist and racist perversions of V. S. Naipaul
· Pratima Pardeshi writes on Ambedkar’s dalit feminism
· An interview with Udit Raj on Buddhist conversions
· Vithabhai: Profiling the Tamasha Queen
· An investigation into encounters in Warangal

May-Jun 2002 Issue

· Eleanor Zelliot on her four decade friendship with Vasant Moon and his family
· Ram Puniyani on the sangh parivar’s foot-soldiers
· Chandra Bhan Prasad contrasts the state and society
· Anand Teltumbde presents a distinct B. R. Ambedkar in translation
· Gail Omvedt examines the two Mahatmas – Phule and Gandhi
· Vivek Kumar analyses Kanshi Ram’s political strategy
· Lakshmi Berwa dissents against the BSP –BJP coalition
· Neerav Patel’s dalit diary on life in a Gujarati slum
· Interview with Christodas Gandhi on dalit assertion
· Raju Thomas differentiates between liberation and social reform
· Academic Terrorism in IITs: A report
· An excerpt from Vasant Moon’s novel ‘Growing Up Untouchable in India’