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Lost in the Celebration: Letís internalize the Republic Day Distinctly To Usher In Egalitarian Society

Premier Institute or The hub of Caste Discrimination

'Kanshiram Speech' on Ruling Class

'Untouchables' left behind in booming nation

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar & Nationalism

SC stays 27% OBC quota in IITs, IIMs

Conference on Dr.Ambedkar's ideologies

Gandhi & Dalits || QOTD: Gandhi vs Ambedkar

Violent protests

Maharashtra tense after Dalit protests 

Press release - ACJP Protest at United Nations, New York

Delhi's silent protest against Rape & brutal killing of Dalits in Khairlanji,       Maharashtra

Dalit oppression, a dark reality

Pune Long March .(Khairlanji atrocity)

Khairlanji atrocity (Download PPT).

Buddhist in Nagpur set afire police station .

Khairlanji Followup : Pune City Level Meeting : Status and Action Plans.

Stop dalits atrocities and Brutality against dalits in India.

An open letter to Rajdeep Sardesai.

Buddhist women raped, killed and burnt in Khairlanji Bhandara .

Mayawati heralded a new tradition of social change by    lighting the    pyre of Kanshiram .

No scholarship for SC students in pvt institutes .

Kanshi Ram Saheb Passed Away.

A Kanshi Ram doesn’t leave behind a surefooted BSP, but he gave   Dalit     politics a bold new script
A Dalit Critique of the Approach Paper to 11th Five Year Plan

Babasaheb Ambedkar : A Tribute.

Global Leader of the Tomorrow. Dr. Narendra Jadhav

Lets Talk About Merit !!! Class X Merit List

The Other Side of Merit & Mandal II

Forward with Ambedkar the big picture

Hats off to Dalit NRI's

Hindi Speaking Dalits at the receiving end in West Bengal

BOOK: Anti-Imperialism And Annihilation Of Castes    

BOOK: Hindutva and Dalits: Perspectives for Understanding

   Communal Praxis

• National Seminar on Self Determination of SC & ST Dalits for Democracy

Dr. Mungekar's remarkable journey

Videocon Int'l Ltd is India's Future

Book Release: Ambedkar on Muslims

Ms. Gail Omvedt's ill Advice To Dalit Bahujans

Mai Ambedkar passes away

India's Untouchables: National Geographic

An Opulent and Pugnacious Champion of India's Outcasts: New York    Times

BOOK : Dalit Phobia - Why Do They Hate Us ?

Let Us Bring In Dayabhag

Talhan Atrocities Against The Untouchables


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