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World Wide Dalits

•International Dalit Human Rights Conference, London 16-17 Sept     2000
•Birth Anniversary at India House-UK
•First World Dalit Convention
•Ambedkarite movement in the western hemisphere
•Akhil Bharatiya Mulnivasi Ambedkari Sahitya Sammelan
•International Journal Of Dalit Studies (IJDS)
•Memorandum Presented To His Excellency The Governor Of     Karnataka At Raj Bhavan On 16-09-1999
•Birth Commemoration

Dalits in the United Nations

•United Nations Mechanisms And The Liberation Of Dalits
•Working Paper on Discrimination On The Basis Of Work And    Descent:Call for submissions
•UN Prepcom for WCAR, Geneva May 1-5,2000

Dalit MP's
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Caste System 
Denial in death 
Casteism in relief efforts 
Caste In India  
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