Uploaded from the "E-Compendium on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar" with special permission from
Dr. Anand Teltumbde



Riddle No. 1 : The difficulty of knowing why one is a Hindu

Riddle No. 2 : The Origin Of The Vedas—The Brahminic Explanation or An Exercise In The Art Of Circumlocution

Riddle No. 3 : The Testimony Of Other Shastras On The Origin Of The Vedas

Riddle no. 4 : Why suddenly the brahmins declare the vedas to be infallible and not to be questioned?

Riddle no. 5 : Why did the brahmins go further and declare that the vedas are neither made by man nor by god?

Riddle no. 6 : The contents of the vedas: have they any moral or spiritual value?

Riddle no. 7 : The turn of the tide or how did the brahmins deceare the vedas to be lower than the lowest of their shastras?

Riddle no. 8 : How the upanishads declared war on the vedas?

Riddle no. 9 : How the upanishads came to be made subordinate to the vedas?

Riddle no. 10 : Why did the brahmins make the hindu gods fight against one another?

Riddle no. 11 : Why did the brahmins make the hindu gods suffer to rise and fall?

Riddle no. 12 : Why did the brahmins dethrone the gods and enthrone the goddesses?

Riddle no. 13 : The riddle of the ahimsa

Riddle no. 14 : From ahimsa back to himsa

Riddle no. 15 : How did the brahmins wed an ahimsak god to a bloodthirsty Goddess?