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Boycotted Dalits of Kadkol have none to fall back on(21 Oct 2006)
Dalit elopes with Jat girl, death stalks Haryana village(30 Oct)
Dalit burnt alive, tension brews in Mansura village (29 May)
Pakistani Dalits protest genocide of Dalits (29 May)
Dalit hanged for having illicit ties (15 May)
6 Dalits shot dead in Bihar (09 May)
Dalit houses attacked in Salem village (02 May)
Attack on Dalit youth in Bellary (26 Apr)
Dalits face wrath of upper castes in UP village (24 Apr)
Dalit teenager raped in Rajasthan (24 Apr)
18-year-old girl raped, murdered (21 Mar)
Crime in Chennai (21 Mar)
Couple hounded by cops for inter-caste marriage (04 Feb)
Students demonstrate against sexual harassment (04 Feb)
Dalit woman raped (26 Jan)
Dalit women molested near Davangere (15 Jan)
Another youth killed by lover's parents (15 Jan)
Koli girl's gang-rape infuriates ministers, MLAs (15 Jan)
3 Dalits Shot Dead (08 Jan)
Dumb girl accuses cop of rape (07 Dec)
Woman Paraded Naked For Playing Cupid (07 Dec)
Alleged rape of Dalit minor (27 Nov)
Atrocity on SC girl in Karnataka (27 Nov)
Dalit woman beaten to death by excise officials in Kerala (27 Nov)
Yet another life sacrificed at the altar of love (27 Nov)
Landless woman stripped, beaten up (29 Oct)
2 dalit girls raped (29 Oct)
Landlord urinated in my mouth, alleges Dalit (11 July)
Harassed Dalit woman fights for justice (3 July)
Dalit family spends year in hut looking for justice (3 July)
Stripping of women: DM orders probe (1 July)
Caste row in Indian school (30 Jun)
Dalit leader blames Jehrana carnage on casteism (28 Jun)
Discrimination in promotions alleged (26 Jun)
Punish the guilty (22 Jun)
Sexual assault on Dalit woman (15 Jun)
5 dalits shot dead in UP (14 Jun)
Dalit woman gang raped (14 Jun)
Untouchability faces no threat here (11 Jun)
Dalits barred from temple (21 May)
Rape victim dies due to doctors' negligence (17 May)
Tribal dies due to starvartion (4 May)
Minor Dalit girl raped at Kallipalli village (1 May)
Voting rights still elude most Dalits (23 Apr)
Denial in death (16 Apr)
Old Dalit couple attacked at home (2 Apr)
Vigil for Kamballapalli (14 Mar)
Custodial Torture of Dalit Youths (14 Mar)
Dalit Girl Victimised at Cochin University (19 Feb)
Youth dies in custody,constable booked
Ten Dalit Houses Set On Fire
Three Dalits hurt in attack
Dalit community alleges social boycott by villagers
14-year-old Dalit girl raped
Booked for raping Dalit
Dalit beaten up for seeking money back
'Dalits denied entry in many temples'
150 dalit families rendered landless
Four Dalits gunned down in Bihar
Alleged attacks on Dalits
Court pulls up police for custodial torture
Discrimination against Koluru Dalits alleged - Dalit commits suicide, Shinor tense
An instance of untouchablility in Channagiri taluk
Gang rape of dalit housewife flayed
15-year-old Dalit girl raped
Caste system main barrier to India's IT superpower ambitions?
Boy stripped, assaulted in Orissa village
Dalit 'killed' in lock-up at Kurnool
Dalit beaten up for stoning dog
Dalit students forced out of classrooms
Deep prejudice
Four dalits burnt alive in Rajasthan
Attack on Dalits: action sought against culprits
Dalit village still deserted
Dalit branded witches, one dies after 'torture'
Dalits decry bid to hush up death casem
'Discrimination' made IAS officer quit
Death does not come as the end
Bihar's landless landlords die watching others..
Dalit's death after police torture alleged
'Govt apathy' towards women leads to suicide
Dalit boy beaten to death for plucking flowers
Four-year-old girl beheaded for sacrifice
Caste factor in delivery of justice highlighted
Dalit mother raped for son’s ‘criminal’ affair

Not In News :

Exclusive Report:Five Dalits Lynched in Haryana (06 Nov)
Untouchability, The Dead Cow And The Brahmin (23 Oct)
A Dalit damned for defying her village (07 Aug)
Caste Discrimination in Hyderabad Central University (15 Jan)
Custodial death sparks protest (1 Nov)
Dalit girl raped (11 Oct)
SC hostel inmates left in lurch (6 Oct)
JNU girl alleges molestation, casteist slur (22 Sept)
Goan Dalit denied equality even in death (13 Sept)
Dalit student in Delhi University beaten up by upper caste hostel mates (10 Sept)
Naked assault Crime: Dalit woman is stripped and paraded for two hours in Karnataka (3 Sep)
Discrimination against Dalits in Chhattisgarh (3 Sep)
Stripping of Dalit by cop: Panel orders probe (2 Sep)
Dalit gang-raped in Kankipadu mandal (31 Aug)
Dalit woman gang-raped in Vijayawada (30 Aug)
Dalit woman paraded naked in Bellary village (29 Aug)
Raped Dalit woman ends life (27 Aug)
Three tribals killed (9 August)
Caste Hindus terrorise Dalits in MP's Mugalia (8 August)
Caste's cruel: lovers hanged in UP (8 August)
Dacoits rape 2 tribal women (29 July)
Gang-rape of Dalit woman in Rohtak (24 July)
TD men attack Dalits for voting for Congress (19 July)
Liberty, Equality etc --- but not for Dalits (17 July)
Castes and killings in Jehrana and Hasanpur (16 July)
Bihar panchayats deny Constitutional reservations (13 July)
Dalit hacked, ban order in Bellary village (6 July)
Dalits banished for drawing water from village well (29 Jun)
Six people massacred in Bihar (29 Jun)
Four Dalits lynched in Bhojpur (26 Jun)
Dalits don’t redraw the village map here, those who do get killed (12 Jun)
Dalit killed for entering temple (10 Jun)
Villagers still terrified (25 May)
Police atrocities (23 May)
No justice for tortured labourer (21 May)
Well divides Dalits and upper castes (21 May)
‘Atrocities on SC/STs on the rise’ (17 May)
Officials accused of harassing Dalits (12 May)
Leaders allege harassment of tribals (4 May)
Inter-caste marriage claims girl (26 Apr)
Caste-based segregation at JNTU hostels: SFI (26 Apr)
Atrocities against Dalits surface in village near Bhopal (26 Apr)
Clashes as Dalits stopped at tap (23 Apr)
Stripped nude for offering water (19 Apr)
Untouchability in AP (18 Apr)
3 tribals killed in police firing (7 Apr)
`Untouchable' fined, beaten for entering Orissa village temple (7 Apr)
Dalits houses torched, 15 arrested (7 Mar)
Starving the poor (27 Feb)
Discriminating the distressed (19 Feb)
Quake can't shake caste system
Assertion, Co-option and Marginalization of Dalits
'Police atrocities' on tribals condemned

Bihari girls sold to work in Punjab
Solidarity With Sardar Buta Singh
Dalit tortured by cops for three days
SC, STs face higher risk of poverty due to caste
AIIMS chief biased against SC/STs
Girl tortured, burnt to death in UP
Caste groups clash; cops use force
Bihar Minister sacked
32 kids rescued from bonded labour
Life in Chains
A cry for justice
Dalit girl hostel for sexual exploitation
Becoming A ‘Servant Of God’
Brutal Murder of 3 Dalits
Return to an abhorrent past
Low - cost for low caste
Charges filed in Kambalapalli Dalit killings
Two cases of Rape
The drumbeats of oppression
Murder of three Dalits in Cuddalore
Dalits and land issues
Landlords exploit the drought-hit Dalits
Nailing evidence-Police cap under a dead man
7 hurt in caste clash near Hoskote
Dalit killings cause concern in Uttar Pradesh
SI guns down four Dalits in Uttar Pradesh
The carcass collectors of Rann
Caste off!!
Water shortage re-ignites caste clashes
Four Dalits gunned down in Bihar
Deprived of their due
Dalit bridegroom dismounted from mare
Untouchables remain victims of persecution
7 Dalits burnt alive in Karnataka caste clash
20 Dalits injured in mob attack
Priest slaps Dalit, ties him with rope
A temple entangled in clash between castes
Another batch of bonded labourers set free
Cry of the oppressed goes unheard
Tragic end to inter-caste marriage

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